Last week, the Weber State football team opened up its season on the road at Arizona State. And like many predicted, the Wildcats lost to the Sun Devils.

Final score: Weber State 14, Arizona State 45.

The morning after the game, the reaction from many fans, including myself, was that even though they lost, it was still a good game for the Wildcats.

At least they didn’t lose 70-7.

But in his comments after the game, head coach Jay Hill made it quite clear that he wasn’t walking away from the game thinking that the team did great in being able to keep up with a PAC-12 team. He expected them to win.

“We didn’t stick to our plan to win and made too many mistakes. I thought our guys took a bunch of punches but they bounced back and played hard,” Hill said. “There are no moral victories. We had some positive things happen but the bottom line is we have to get better as a team.”

There are no moral victories.

He is right. In sports, there really are no moral victories. You either win or you lose. There is no such thing as a “good” loss. If the team did well, then they should be the winner of the game.

That being said, just because the team lost, doesn’t mean there are not any positives to take away from the game. The defense held the Sun Devils to only three points through the first 11 minutes, and held them scoreless for the final 18 minutes of the game.

The offense was able to score 14 points on Arizona State, and came within inches of scoring another touchdown. The Wildcats did not have a forced turnover in the game. They were the first team in 29 games to not have a forced turnover against Arizona State.

Were there some things that went wrong for the Wildcats? Of course there were. They didn’t win the game.

Was this a “good” loss? No. It was a loss plain and simple, with no qualifiers.

Were there some good points in the game for Weber State? Absolutely. Both the offense and the defense had some good plays that could point to success for the team this season.

The Wildcats are 0-1. They don’t have any wins yet, but don’t be surprised when they start winning some games this year.

And I don’t mean moral victories.

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