The Peterson family hiking Waterfall Canyon with their dogs. The trailhead for Waterfall Canyon is located at the top of 29th Street. (Source: Kraig Peterson)

Labor day weekend is a great time for students to get in one last hoorah before the warm summer weather disappears into amber leaves and jack-o-lanterns. Even though Labor Day is over, meteorologists are predicting warm, hiker-and-mountain-biker-friendly weather for this weekend.

1. Beus Pond

Beus pond is a great place for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Complete with a duck pond and walking trail, Beus pond is ideal for children and for students looking for a leisurely, non-sweat-inducing walk. There is a well-groomed walking trail around the pond and through the trees on a small trail you can find Forest Green park. Forest Green park is perfect for children with its playground, picnic area and spacious lawns.

Where: 4240 Country Hills Dr., Ogden, Utah

2. Foothill Loop

Beyond the facilities management building for WSU, is the 36th Street trailhead. One trail that the trailhead leads to is foothill loop. Foothill loop is well-kept and smooth, making it perfect for joggers, mountain bikers, children or the casual hiker. Encroached upon by scrub oak, the foothill loop is scenic, providing beautiful views of the Ogden area and the Mount Ogden golf course which it traces.

Where: 36th Street trailhead (approximately 1612 36th St., Ogden)

3. Waterfall Canyon Trail

At three miles round-trip, Waterfall Canyon trail is perfect for students looking to get out and break a sweat this weekend. For the most part, Waterfall Canyon is an easy hike with a few areas of loose gravel. Students should have no trouble conquering this trail and finding the locally-famous waterfall in a few hours.

Boasting gorgeous views of the Ogden area, the Waterfall Canyon trail is perfect for students looking for a little adventure.

Where: 29th Street trailhead (approximately 1788 29th St., Ogden)

4. Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Covering just over 100 miles, the Bonneville Shoreline trail stretches from Brigham City to Bountiful, with proposals to expand the route from the Utah-Idaho boarder to Santaquin. Named for the ancient lake shore it traces, the Bonneville Shoreline trail came into fruition in 1990 when part of the trail was threatened by growing business. For enthusiasts and activists alike, the Bonneville Shoreline trail provides beautiful views of many parts of the wasatch front.

The Bonneville Shoreline trail is great for students and more experienced hikers. Children and those with less experience may want to try other hikes, like the Waterfall Canyon trail, before attempting the Bonneville Shoreline trail.

Where: Beus Canyon trailhead (top of 46th Street), 29th Street trailhead, and lots of others. Complete list at


No matter the trail, skill level or season, always remember to take supplies when on a hike. You never know when an accident might happen and even though all of these trails are near the city, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Water and food like fruit or granola bars are a must, especially for more difficult trails like Waterfall Canyon and the Bonneville Shoreline trail.

You can’t go wrong with a small first-aid kit either. A plethora of arachnids, scorpions and snakes (including rattlesnakes) are common to Utah and often make appearances on trails.  A watchful, prepared hiker is a safe hiker.

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