Five Crazy HeadlinesFrom a robber pretending to be Superman, to a man being jailed for posting metal lyrics on Facebook, here are this week’s crazy headlines.

  1. Jilted lover bombarded ex with 21,807 phone calls and texts

Breakups are hard, but one French man took it very personally when he sent over 20,000 texts and phone calls to his ex-girlfriend after she left him.

Apparently he had renovated their apartment for free but she never thanked him, prompting the titanic number of texts and calls.

The man, who suffers from occasional depression, is now serving a 4-month prison sentence and was fined almost $1,300.

Sorry dude, it’s over.

Source: Yahoo News

  1. Cops nab Chinese robber who allegedly pretended to be Superman

After a 10-year-old girl caught a Chinese man trespassing, he tried to convince her he was Superman by stripping down to his underpants and jumping out the window.

Suqian, China resident Tang Lei was arrested for burglary when he was rushed to the hospital after landing on a nearby roof. Lei was drunk at the time.

Lei faces up to seven years in prison if convicted. Comic book fans would probably demand a longer sentence for sullying the beloved Man of Steel’s legacy.

Source: New York Daily News

  1. NC man accused of selling crushed Pop-Tart to undercover agent, said it was cocaine

North Carolina resident Cameron Mitchell tried to sell an undercover agent a crushed Pop-Tart after telling the agent it was cocaine.

Arrested last week for the transaction made in July, Mitchell apparently needed the money so he crushed the corner of a Pop-Tart and sold it to the agent for $20.

Officials said the sample tested negative for cocaine. No reports on whether Mitchell has tested positive for stupidity.

Source: Fox News

  1. St. Louis park drops swimming lessons following drowning

In light of the death of a 12-year-old boy last March, St. Louis park public schools are discontinuing swimming lessons.

Seventh-grader Abdullahi Charif died after engaging in rough play in his school’s swimming pool. School officials will be discussing what role, if any, swimming lessons will play in the curriculum in the future.

Source: NPR News

  1. Man spends eight days in jail for posting metal lyrics on Facebook

After posting lyrics from the metal band Exodus on Facebook, Kentucky resident James Evans spent eight days in jail for “threaten(ing) to kill students and/or staff at school.”

The lyrics, which describe a school shooting from the point of view of the killer, were written in remembrance of the Virginia Tech massacre. Exodus said in a statement that they do not in any way condone the type of behavior described in the lyrics.

Metal band lyrics don’t kill people. People kill people.

Source: Billboard

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