Congratulations Wildcats, you’ve made it to the third week of the semester! Your pile of homework is growing and you’re already staying up so late you need a second dinner. At this point, staying motivated can be tough, so here are some tips to get through this school year.

As homework piles up beneath us, it can be difficult to stay motivated throughout the semester. (Gary Markstein/ McClatchy-Tribune Information Services)
(Source: Gary Markstein/ McClatchy-Tribune Information Services)

1. Don’t get behind

Keeping up is hard enough, but catching up is even harder. Use a calendar, make lists or schedule reminders on your phone to stay on task. If your teacher uses Canvas, check it regularly to make sure you know about upcoming deadlines and assignments.

2. Break it down

Sometimes the to-do list can become impossibly long and become discouraging. Instead of trying to tackle everything at once, try chipping away. After each small success, our body releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical that can encourage us to keep going!

3. Ask for help

Visit your professor during their office hours, find a study group or meet with a tutor. There are free resources throughout campus to help you succeed, so utilize them!

4. Enjoy your weekend

During school, it may feel like your weekends are full of work and more work. But it’s important to avoid burnout, or the point of total exhaustion. Try to spend at least an hour doing something that makes you happy. After that, you can return to writing papers and solving math problems with a refreshed attitude.

5. Expect good things

When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself that good things are coming today. For starters, it feels a lot better than dreading a lecture or stressing about a quiz. Maybe you will get what you expect, so infuse your thoughts with an attitude of growth and gain.

6. Revel in your victories

Don’t overlook your successes or forget how far you’ve come. An important part of motivation is acknowledging your progress and development. When you’re feeling physically and mentally depleted, look at old trophies, certificates, special notes or even thoughtful mementos to remind yourself of your potential.

Starting the semester strong is easy, but staying strong is a little harder. Use these tips to stay motivated and have a great semester.

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