Life is all about perspective, and as college students we are all venturing into the adult world. We’re figuring out who we are and what this big world is all about.

Whether you are a freshman or a returning student like me, we all have our eyes opened and come to the realization that we are no longer under the direct care of our parents. Not to say that it’s a bad thing because most of us are thrilled to have the new found freedom.

But if you’re anything like me you will have moments when you miss the comfort of home. At home there is always food that is not Ramen, and the world seems just a little bit easier and a little bit less scary.

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Hot air balloon launch at the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival earlier this summer. (Photo By: Danielle Murphy)

About a month ago, I had the chance to take a ride in a hot air balloon. That event is what got me thinking about perspective.

How often do you have the chance to pick leaves from the top of a tree? As we let the basket graze the top of a cottonwood, I realized that there are so many ways to see life, and at that moment I was seeing it from a new perspective.

I do have a fear of heights, so looking down on the world sent some chills through me. There were times where I had to look up in order to keep myself from worrying. There are countless similarities when it comes to moving out.

A week ago, I made the decision to be a little bit more adventurous. Moving out on my own was a spontaneous act and it took quite a bit of courage in order to break out of my safe and serene little bubble.

I ended up staying with friends who had taken me in as one of their own and gave me a safe place to figure this world out. They were that safety net, they were what kept me looking up so I would be a little less afraid.

The world I was used to seeing had changed. Yes, it was the same city, same campus and same places I had hung out at before, but everything seemed to change in the blink of an eye. It was if I was no longer on the ground but seeing the world from thousands of feet into the air.

It was liberating and at the same time I had so many new things I had to worry about and take care of on my own. But as my friends and family continually reminded me, I had to take it all one day at a time.

Seeing the world from the sky with only a wicker basket for protection is similar to becoming an adult. You may feel like there is little protection, but there is more than you think.

The wicker basket that I thought seemed unsafe had taken numerous people up. It had protected so many people before me. And just like the basket, there are always be people in your life who can offer comfort and protection.

Get involved with people on campus. There are countless organizations out there that students can become a part of. I chose the Greek system, and have already began to feel as if I have a second family.

This new perspective is a growing point in all of our lives. Just remember that even though life can be scary at times, if you don’t take the risk you will always be on the ground, missing out on that amazing view from the sky.


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