The Home Team
The Home Team will be performing Wednesday Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. at Mojo’s Music Venue. (Source: Daniel Matson)

“Rock is finally dead,” Gene Simmons, bass guitarist for “Kiss,” said in a recent article with Esquire.

This comment has sparked a bit of controversy with current members of the rock music genre. But for touring rockers in Ogden, rock music is very much alive.

On Wednesday, Sept. 10, local venue Mojo’s will be featuring rock bands The Home Team and Pop Punk Pizza Party. The show starts at 7 p.m. Admission is $7.

The Home Team is a pop punk band hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Formed in 2013, the Seattle quintet is climbing the rungs independently as they strive to succeed on their own.

Amidst their current two-week West Coast tour, the band’s drummer, Daniel Matson anticipated returning to Ogden this week.

“Our old bands used to play at The Basement, and we always had a great time,” Matson said. The all-ages venue The Basement closed in 2012.

Matson spoke highly about the state of rock music today. “Rock and Roll is alive and well,” Matson said. “The scene has always been alive since we’ve been touring, and the local bands have always drawn well.”

Supporting The Home Team is the Logan pop punk outfit, Racecar Racecar. Established in 2012, the band has been generating a name for itself locally. Opening for more established acts such as Neck Deep, Stuckup Kid and Seaway, Racecar Racecar is contending for a mainstay spot in the rock scene.

Jett Fesler, one of the bands two lead singers, said, “I don’t think rock is dead by any means, I just think it’s not as popular in the mainstream as it used to be.”

Fesler discussed the difference between modern rock fans and fans of mainstream pop music. He said, “I think more of the people that listen to the pop (music) of now won’t be able to go into detail about who their favorite artists are, but the rock (fans) will be able to tell you many facts about their favorite artists.”

Racecar Racecar and The Home Team will also be supported locally by newcomers, The Insomni-Antics. As part of the budding landscape of new rock bands in and around Weber county, The Insomni-Antics is ready to blossom. “The Ogden music scene is strong and amazing,” said The Insomni-Antics drummer Matthew Lloyd. “It continues to grow constantly and is reaching a point where it’s really branching out to other areas.”


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