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Slackwater Pub and Pizzeria logo. Slackwater is conveniently located at 1895 Washington Blvd. (Photo by Lichelle Jenkins)

As I walked inside the wooden-framed glass door, an overwhelming aroma immediately consumed my senses.

It was a smell that many people adore: the smell of sinful, mouthwatering pizza. I was already hungry before walking in. You can only imagine how much more that hunger intensified.

Slackwater Pub and Pizzeria, conveniently located on Washington Boulevard, became a favorite from my first visit. The menu was filled with items that were calling my name. Whether it was the appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches or, of course, the variety of pizzas. I just wanted to try everything.

I decided to start off with their house salad that had a melody of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots, Parmesan cheese and grated carrots. I felt like it was the perfect choice for my picky tastebuds. Lots of house salads have nothing but iceberg lettuce and dried out veggies, but Slackwater’s salad had all the dark, crispy greens and veggies that a salad should include.

The California Sunrise is just one of many delicious pizzas that Slackwater has to offer. (Photo by Lichelle Jenkins)
The California Sunrise pizza. It is just one of many delicious pizzas that Slackwater has to offer. (Photo by Lichelle Jenkins)

If you aren’t feeling so traditional, you could also try their Thai coco salad. The Thai coco salad has a combination of mixed greens, pickled cucumbers, red cabbage, almonds, pineapple and sesame seeds, all tossed in their Thai-coconut dressing.

The Honey Garlic salad could also be a good choice, featuring mixed greens, pecans, shallots, Gorgonzola and red cabbage, smothered with either an apple-bacon or honey-garlic vinaigrette. Whichever salad you choose, I doubt you will be disappointed.

The two pizzas I ordered had already arrived before I even had a chance to finish my salad.

It was a real dilemma trying to decide which pizzas I wanted to order. I was torn between their buffalo chicken, barbecue pork bonanza and the pig+pina. When it came down to it, I listened to my stomach and I went with the buffalo chicken and pig+pina.

I was very pleased with my decision. The buffalo chicken pizza had a delicious combination of honey buffalo sauce, chicken, bacon, red onions and yummy Gorgonzola. If you’re a buffalo sauce fan then you’ll love this pizza. The pig+pina was almost like your regular Hawaiian pizza but with a little bit of a kick. It was filled with their house marinara sauce and peppered bacon, along with ham and pineapple. It’s safe to to say that both pizzas were everything I dreamed they would be.

When you go to Slackwater and you find that you aren’t necessarily in the mood for pizza, you have the option to take any of their pizza selections and turn it into a yummy calzone. Their menu also features a variety of sandwiches.

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A view of the open atmosphere of Slackwater. At the restaurant you have the option of sitting outside next to the Ogden river or inside, closer to the bar. (Photo by Lichelle Jenkins)

Slackwater is not only a pizzeria, but also a pub. They have a special menu set aside for alcoholic beverages. So if you’re the beer and pizza type then I highly suggest you give their drink menu a look over.

To say that I was satisfied with my meal would be an understatement. Slackwater has officially raised the bar for me. Maybe I was just really hungry, 0r perhaps it was just the deliciousness, or both.

All I know is that their cool and lively atmosphere, along with their quick service and  amazing food really exceeded my expectations. Slackwater is the perfect place for students to hangout and unwind after class. It will definitely satisfy those irresistible cravings for pizza. Slackwater easily deserves five golden stars.

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