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(Source: Allison Hess / WSU Public Relations)

Today there will be a test of the Code Purple campus-wide emergency notification system. This system allows the university to quickly communicate health and safety information by text, email or voice message, according to the official website.

Students who are signed up for code purple will receive a text, voice message or email today to either “Lockdown” or “Shelter in Place.”

The drill will run for three minutes, according to the official flyer. Then, at around 10:10 a.m. an “All Clear” message will be sent via the system.

If students are sent the “Lockdown” message, they should barricade doors and windows and then remain silent and wait for instruction. This is in the event of a hostile or armed intruder coming on campus.

If students are sent the “Shelter in Place” message, they should stay indoors and may be directed to turn off ventilation systems or seal off areas from outside air. This is in the event of severe weather or a hazardous material spill on campus.

Students interested in signing up for Code Purple should visit the website and enter their personal information.

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