Sondre-Lerche_Please_HiRes-1“When crimes are passionate, can love be separate?” Sondre Lerche’s voice echoes before breaking against the clashing instrumentals on his opening track, “Bad Law.” His latest album, “Please,” hits stores later this month.

Like a burst of frustration, the 32-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter incorporates controlled spurs of noise throughout the album, some more obvious than others. This style makes for a compelling twist, as it contrasts against the bouncy melodies at the surface.

Inspired by bands from his childhood like A-ha and the The Beach Boys, Lerche has paved his own path into pop-folk. His debut album, “Faces Down” released when he was just 19, received critical acclaim for its soft, humble lyrics and simple, hopeful melodies.

More than a decade later “Please” maintains those qualities, but lyrically has evolved into something like dark, dreamy clouds. The songs, “Lucky Guy” and “Sentimentalist” remind me of the daydream melancholia featured in Alex Turner’s “Submarine” EP, except with upbeat and electronic attributes.

“Legends, “At Times We Live Alone” and “Sentimentalist” are my favorite tracks on this album. Sondre Lerche offers a simplicity that is romantic and relatable, the perfect soundtrack for the winding walk home. I give this album 3.5 out of five stars.


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