Fall is a great time to head out on your bike and enjoy the changing leaves. (Photo by: Rachel Badali)

Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing colors and the irresistibly crisp breeze of fall is beckoning. It’s the perfect time for some fun on two tires.  Here are a few of my favorite bike trails.

1. Weber River Parkway

Follow this paved pathway downstream for an easy ride as it curves along the Weber River. The trail traces the outskirts of Fort Buenaventura, with a few options to actually enter the park. The trail continues all the way to the 21st Street Pond, which then ties into the Ogden River Parkway Trail.  This is a beautiful path to see some changing fall leaves!

You can also follow this trail upstream to ride through the frisbee golf park, where there are a few opportunities for some nature loops that bring you closer to the river. Once you reach a suspension bridge that crosses over the Weber River, the trail changes to dirt.

Where: From Riverdale Road, turn south on 700 W., then east on 4600 S., which turns into Weber River Drive

2. Ogden River Parkway

The smooth asphalt trail surface makes this the perfect path for an easy ride. Follow it for a beautiful ride past the Ogden Botanical Gardens, the Dinosaur Park and the rodeo grounds. This trail ends at the 21st Street Pond.

Where: Trailheads can be found at 18th Street and Washington Boulevard, at 1700 Monroe Blvd., at the west end of Park Boulevard and at the east end of Park Boulevard

3. Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Bike this dirt path for a moderate ride along the slope of the mountains. There are numerous other trails extending from here, such as Waterfall Canyon, which makes it the perfect location to customize the duration and difficulty of your ride.

Where: Trailheads at the top of 22nd Street, at the top of 27th Street, at the top of 29th Street, and on 46th Street at approximately 1900 E.

4. Hidden Valley Trail

The quick gain in elevation is worth it for the view that awaits. Once you emerge from the pine trees and rocky terrain, you can enjoy a view of Mount Ogden. Keep an eye out for moose and deer while on this trail!

Where: Start at the 22nd Street trailhead and follow Indian Trail for about half a mile. From there, look for “Hidden Valley” painted faintly on a rock and follow the fork right and upward.

So get out and ride, Wildcats! I’ll see you on the trails.

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