Here’s what went down Monday at the WSUSA senate meeting!

  •  Snow Removal.

WSUSA representatives met with Facilities Management in order to make plans for snow removal as the winter comes closer. Senate President Jeffrey Henry said snow removal is a different challenge this year due the construction on campus.

Facilities Management pushes snow but they don’t remove it due to the cost.

Henry pointed out that if a student parks in a place where facilities management is plowing, the plowing must stop.

One of the main areas of concern is the sidewalk outside of Elizabeth Hall. One option is to close off it completely.

Henry said the best thing to do is educate the students now so they can change their routes to class once the snow falls.

  • Discussion of UTA issues.

Davis campus senator Tyler Hall has been the leader of an ad-hoc committee dealing with Utah Transit Authority and student concerns with bus times and schedules.

Hall said if students have concerns or complaints to call UTA customer service. The more complaints they get, the more likely they are to do something about it.

Hall announced he was starting a survey. He said his goal is to have 2,000 responses as soon as possible.

The survey asks students to say how they get to school, where they come from and what time they come to campus. Hall said the more responses he gets the more data he can present to UTA.

The survey can be found at

“We just have to prove people will actually ride it,” Hall said.

  • Wi-Fi problems persist.

Some students are still experiencing problems with the Wi-Fi at University Village.

The university has been making upgrades, but according to residence hall senator Anastasia Austin students are still having issues.

Austin said she would try to meet with her Housing contacts this week to get an update. “It’s a problem that’s being worked on,” Austin said.

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