Phantogram, the electronic rock group, will be one of the many performers at the Big Ass Show. (Source: The Windish Agency)
Phantogram, the electronic rock group, will be one of the many performers at the Big Ass Show. The Big Ass Show will be held Sept. 27 at the Gallivan Center. (Source: The Windish Agency)

Every year different rock bands gather together to perform for enthused rock fans as part of x96’s annual Toyota Big Ass Show. This year will mark the Big Ass Show’s 19th year. It will take place Sept. 27 at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City.

“This year’s show is going to be similar to last year’s show in that it’ll be a lot of fun and everybody’s going to have a good time,” said the x96 radio station’s music director, John Smith.

The lineup this year consists of seven main bands, along with a few other smaller bands. The main bands include The Eeries, Priory, A Day to Remember, Broods, Phantogram, Capital Cities, and Utah natives, Neon Trees.

Smith explained that this year’s show will be different from past years. “We’ve got a little bit more of an eclectic lineup,” Smith said. “A bit more of the electronic and techno music with Phantogram and Broods.”

Smith also said the Big Ass Show will attract metalcore fans. “We’ve got A Day to Remember, that will bring in a new crowd that we haven’t had in a couple of years,” Smith said. “We are stoked for A Day to Remember fans to be coming out this year.”

This will be the band’s first time at the Big Ass Show. According the x96, A Day to Remember could be the biggest, bangin’ band of the bash.

The main headlining band, Neon Trees, is originally from Provo, Utah. This year will be their second time headlining at the Big Ass Show.

“Neon Trees always puts on an amazing live show and have had lots of practice touring and releasing albums since 2008’s ‘Habits,’ ”  x96 said in a statement.

According to Smith, bands usually play abbreviated, 30-minute music sets. However, bands playing at x96’s Big Ass Show will play hour-long sets, giving audience members more of the music they love and less wasted time between sets.

“25 bucks for an entire day of music. That is almost unheard of anymore,” Smith said. “That’s one of the things we really have to fight for every year, is to keep that cost down for the tickets.”

Smith explained that the last time A Day to Remember and Neon Trees came together for the x96 Big Ass Show, ticket sales were almost double what they are this year.

For Alyssa Bernal, a WSU student, this weekend will be her first Big Ass Show. She is most looking forward to seeing A Day to Remember. “I love them and I’ve already seen them in concert three times,” Bernal said. “They always put on a great show.”

Smith encouraged WSU students to plan on coming out and having a great day.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Smith said. “We really appreciate it when the Weber State students come down and support the Big Ass Show.”

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