crazyHeadlinesThis special edition of Five Crazy Headlines focuses on one thing: Food!

  1. Cops: Woman eats chicken wings in Publix restroom, leaves store

In a bid to get food without paying for it, last week a Georgia woman took some chicken wings and potato wedges into the bathroom where she proceeded to eat them.

She then left the store without paying at the register.

Elaina Clark was arrested Sept. 19 and charged with shoplifting. At least she went into police custody with a full stomach.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  1. McDonald’s won’t serve pedestrian at drive-thru, so he steals customer’s car

After being turned away from the drive-thru per McDonald’s policy, a Missouri man hijacked a customer’s car right after she ordered from the drive-thru.

Police nearby caught him after he crashed the car into the curb, hitting a few trees.

The man is now facing charges of robbery, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and attempting to elude an officer. He went into custody on an empty stomach.

Source: Consumerist

  1. Food truck sold tacos with ‘a side of meth’

One of seventeen arrested for selling methamphetamine in an extensive drugs bust, Denver resident Maria Arellano decided to “Break Bad” by selling the substance out of her taco trailer.

She was a part of a large ring that sold and distributed meth and cocaine from Mexico and Canada. The owner of the truck apparently didn’t know what was going on.

Buyers would use code words to indicate how much meth they were buying. This was probably the most expensive side served with tacos in history.

Source: WMAZ Arizona

  1. Bistro owner headbutted customer who complained about bread rolls

After Scotland resident Siroosh Bavarsad heard complaints from a customer in his newly opened restaurant in Glasgow, he snapped.

Bavarsad allegedly head-butted the customer, Graeme Noble, before walking out. Noble was knocked unconscious but was tended to by nearby physicians.

Bavarsad had apparently undergone a lot of stress leading up to his restaurant opening. Food is serious business.

Source: STV News

  1. Portland police protect and serve pizza after crash

After an Oregon pizza delivery driver was involved in a crash Sept. 1, two officers stepped up to the plate and delivered his pizza.

After making sure the driver was all right, officers Michael Filbert and Royce Curtiss finished his delivery to customer Steve Huckins, who snapped a picture of them when they arrived.

No news yet on if these officers are transferring to Ferguson, Missouri, though it’s clear we need more like them.

Source: KOIN 6 Portland

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