Soon Wildcats will be trading in their purple stripes for pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

October is all about breast cancer awareness, and although a lot of people understand the dangers of breast cancer, many are still unaware of the misconceptions that surround the disease.

10-3 Bra Decorating (Ariana Berkemeier)  (4 of 5)
Weber State prepares for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by advertising several activities hosted by the Women’s Center. Early detection is of utmost importance with breast cancer, so it’s important to become educated about the disease. (Ariana Berkemeier/The Signpost)

Here are four ways Wildcats can get involved with breast cancer awareness.

1. Start an early detection plan. One of the best ways to combat this disease is to plan ahead. When breast cancer is identified during the localized stage, the 5-year survival rate jumps up to 98 percent. This is a huge impact considering one in eight women will be diagnosed at some point in their lives. Creating a plan will not only help your personal well-being but will also bring more awareness to the disease.

2. Live a healthy lifestyle. There is no all-powerful shield to avoid cancer. However, research has shown that healthier lifestyle choices can affect whether or not you get cancer. While this seems like a no-brainer, eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting medical check-ups are just a few preventative measures that help combat breast cancer

10-3 Bra Decorating (Ariana Berkemeier)  (5 of 5)
A Wildcat decorates a bra in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The Women’s Center will be hosting several different events to promote breast cancer awareness through the month of October. (Source: Ariana Berkemeier/The Signpost)

3. Get informed. Don’t let misconceptions about breast cancer cloud your judgment. Breast cancer can strike anyone including young women and men. Increase your understanding of breast cancer by utilizing available resources like the Weber State Women’s Center. Attending “Too Young for Breast Cancer,” a performance hosted by the Weber State Women’s Center at the Wildcat Theater Oct. 20, is also great way to get informed.

4. Get involved. Like those who decorated bras across campus, it’s now your turn to help support breast cancer awareness by getting involved. The perfect place to start is on campus, where several activities will take place this month. On Oct. 6 at the heart of the Shepherd Union Atrium, a Pink Rubber Duck Race will give students the chance to make a small donation and race rubber ducks for breast cancer research. There are also other opportunities to volunteer and donate off-campus to promote awareness.

For more information, go to to learn more about breast cancer awareness events on campus.

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