Weber State has held an annual homecoming game and dance since as early as 1947.
Weber State has held an annual homecoming game and dance since as early as 1947. Some high schools don’t have homecoming festivities, and students have had to find alternative ways to participate in homecoming.  (The Signpost)

Whether you’re talking about high school or college, homecoming is a tradition for almost everyone. The Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering and Science (NUAMES) celebrates homecoming a little differently.

As an early college high school located on the Weber State Davis campus, they operate outside the pattern of typical high schools.

NUAMES is more geared towards robotics and math clubs than sports. Although NUAMES has a tennis club, it doesn’t have its own competitive sports teams. NUAMES students are encouraged to join teams at local high schools.

No sports teams means no football. No football means no homecoming game. No homecoming game means no homecoming dance, which some people consider the highlight of their high school experience.

Samantha Anaya, a NUAMES junior, still loves her school.

“NUAMES not having homecoming is a little saddening. I know we don’t necessarily have any sports teams, but we do have a lot of other cool teams!” she said.

The NUAMES Director of Business Operations Deb Hefner, believes it could be fun for NUAMES kids to attend Weber State University’s homecoming, which they are eligible to do as long as they have a Wildcard.

“Maybe it would be something we want to get out feet wet in, not to dive right in,” Hefner said.

She suggested that the NUAMES student government work with the Weber State student government to coordinate the high school sprit week with Weber State’s homecoming festivities.

“It would be fun if we participated more! Combining the two would make it a very festive time,” Hefner said.

She believes this would be a good way to provide NUAMES students with a more complete college experience.

“The wonderful thing about Weber is that there are so many things to choose from to participate in. Students just have to look at the flyers,” she said.

Steven Ludlow, the NUAMES student government supervisor, admits the idea of combining the high school’s spirit week and Weber’s homecoming had never crossed his mind.

“I think it’s a great idea,” he said, adding that it might improve relationships between the high school and university students.

The student government plans the annual Stomp Under the Stars, the first casual dance of the school year, typically held on the patio behind D2. This stomp is the closest thing NUAMES has to a homecoming dance.

“Stomp Under the Stars was my favorite!” NUAMES alumni Alexis Marquez said. Marquez is now a member of the student programming board at Weber State University.

Marquez thought it was nice to have the activity outside in the open space, so even students who weren’t into dancing could enjoy the night.

“NUAMES studentss are a crucial element to the Davis campus. They’re our peers,” she said, adding that they are welcome at the celebrations, but they need to bring their Wildcards.

According to Marquez, as a high school student she would have felt a little nervous about attending Weber’s homecoming unless she had a group of friends with her.

“At that time, unless (it was) an event was at the Davis campus, I didn’t feel very comfortable going,” Marquez said.

Devan Anderson, a junior at NUAMES, wasn’t aware he was eligible to go to Weber State’s homecoming.

“It might be kind of strange for a NUAMES kid to go to Weber State’s homecoming because of the age difference. It really depends on how well-accepted you are,” Anderson said.

He says if he were to receive more information about the celebrations, he would consider attending.

NUAMES students are encouraged to keep an eye out for flyers, as well as check the Weber State calendar for upcoming events.


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