Onlookers gaze as their regrets are released.
Members of the Ogden community watch as their regrets are burned. Last summer Nurture the Creative Mind put a No Regrets box on 25th Street, requesting that community members add their regrets to it as a way to move on. (Photo by Emilee Atkinson)

Earlier this year, the Nurture the Creative Mind foundation set up a box on 25th Street, allowing the citizens of Ogden to collect and input all their regrets.

On Saturday the foundation burned the regrets as the community watched.

Nurture the Creative Mind came up with the idea when one of the students involved with the foundation wanted to give the community a way to start fresh and let go of some of the things they wish they could forget.

The burning ceremony was held in the small garden behind Grounds for Coffee. Owner Dan Dailey said he supports the foundation in many of its endeavors.

“Nurture the Creative Mind has done quite a few projects here in the garden,” Dailey said.

Dailey also mentioned how much he likes the No Regrets box.

“You can burn your regrets and move on,” he said.

Those who put their regrets in when the box was available on 25th Street showed up, but a few people who simply stopped in for coffee that night were able to participate as well.

Christina Morgan and her children put in their regrets and enjoyed being involved with the foundation.

“This is something that was very important to me when we saw the box on the street,” she said.

Morgan found it beneficial for her children to release their current regrets and get a clean slate.

“I love to support the foundation and I love what they have done for the community,” she said.

Morgan added that the foundation has been of great help to her children.

When asked if she thinks this foundation is something parents should consider getting their children involved with, Morgan emphatically said, “Absolutely.”

Nurture the Creative Mind allows children to branch out and channel their inner creativity.

Amir Jackson, the founder of Nurture the Creative Mind, was happy with the turnout and excited that people were so enthusiastic about the project.

“The turnout was more than I expected,” Jackson said.

The best part about the project, in Jackson’s opinion, is the idea behind it.

“I think we all have regrets and everybody coming together to release that and be positive about that is really good,” he said.

The foundation is planning on doing the project as a yearly tradition. However, Jackson hopes that others will support it by doing their own boxes and hosting their own burning parties.

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