The horror movie "Annabelle" that came out on Oct. 3, is as dark and frightening as it looks. (Source: Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.)
The horror movie “Annabelle” came out on Oct. 3, and it is as dark and creepy as it looks. (Source: Warner Bros Entertainment Inc)

Over a year ago when the terrifying horror flick “The Conjuring” came out, I was absolutely scared out of mind. To this day,”The Conjuring” proves to be one of the scariest movies out there.

When I first saw the “Annabelle” trailer, I thought that maybe this could be the one to outdo the terrifying horror of “The Conjuring.” After watching “Annabelle,” it’s safe to say it’s no way near as scary “The Conjuring.”

Don’t get me wrong though “Annabelle” was indeed horrifying. It takes the creepiness of dolls to a whole different level.

“Annabelle” starts with a couple that are expecting their first baby. The husband, John Gordon, decides to buy his wife, Mia, a one-of-a-kind antique doll. Everything seems to be fine and dandy until one night when Mr. and Mrs. Gordon’s home is intruded by two members of a satanic cult.

Once Mia Gordon has her baby, really disturbing things start to occur. Objects are moving by themselves and Mia is seeing things. With help from Mia’s friend Evelyn, Father Perez and the police, the couple realizes that on the night that Annabelle Higgins died her spirit decided to reside within the doll.

The only thing that can stop the paranormal activity is for someone to give up their soul by killing themselves. To stop Mia from taking her own life, Evelyn jumps out a window with the doll. The couple’s haunting story stops there, but the doll isn’t done yet. After Evelyn kills herself, the doll goes missing. The movie ends with a mother purchasing the doll from a shop for her daughter, who is a nurse. The daughter is the same girl in the first part of “The Conjuring,” that seeks help because she is being haunted by the doll.

“Annabelle” is supposedly based on a true story. Most of the time when that’s said, only 15 percent of the whole movie is actually true.

There in fact was a doll, but it looks nothing like the one in the movie. The part about the mother buying the doll for her daughter is also said to be true although no one knows how the doll actually became possessed.

The whole movie had a very dark and ominous feel to it. It obviously had a creepy story line but, like many horror films, the music is a major factor in setting the whole mood of the film. The music in the movie was so dark and menacing that it definitely  sent chills down my back. Stories like “Annabelle” make for a very terrifying horror film, real or not.

I feel like the actors did really well at taking on their roles and making a horror film that succeeds at making it’s audience so scared that they jump in their seats and cover their eyes. At least, that’s what I did!

Right after watching “Annabelle” you won’t fully understand just how scary it was until you go home and you’re alone. You’ll be lying in your bed with only one image in your mind: the unforgettable, creepy and menacing face of Annabelle. If you’re like me and find joy in getting unbelievably frightened, “Annabelle” is the movie for you.

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