Lauren Crest’s “Awkward,” features a young T. rex with braces, and is on display at the Pandemonium Art Gallery on 25th Street in Ogden. (Source: Pandemonium Art Gallery)

Bending rules and breaking barriers, Pandemonium Art Gallery owner Jane Font is thinking outside the box.

Ever since Font was a child, she has had a love for art. Growing up she wanted to be an artist.

“That just never happened, because I wasn’t good at anything, but I still always had a deep passion for art,” Font said.

Font’s passion turned into frustration as she struggled to find an art gallery that suited her.

“I love art galleries, but you can only look at the same type of things in so many galleries so many times before it gets boring,” Font said.

Font had several local friends who she thought were amazing artists but they had no place to show their work.

“So I decided one day that art galleries are mostly consignment and I know how to run a consignment store. I’m going to open an art gallery,” she said. “So, I did it, so now this is my art!”

Pandemonium Art Gallery opened in August 2013 on Historic 25th Street. Font chose the location because she wanted a space she could afford and that met all her requirements, such as foot traffic to bring in the “right crowd” for her trendy establishment. Shortly after opening, she honed in on local talent, and now the gallery is filled with local artists’ work.

“You know when I tell people that (it’s local talent), they’re more impressed,” Font said. “They’re used to the same art galleries, too, so when they see people in their community creating art that they don’t see every day, it’s really surprising and refreshing to a lot of people.”

Lauren Crest, WSU Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate in two-dimensional studies, is one of the many artists whose work is displayed at Pandemonium.

Crest first heard about Pandemonium through a friend and knew that they were looking for untraditional artwork.

“I really like how Pandemonium is involved with the community,” Crest said. “It helps the people who live here actually have a personal experience with these businesses.”




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