Go to a place that has burgers for cheap but quality you can taste. (Source: Clipart)
(Source: Clipart)

To some people, getting a hamburger from McDonald’s or Wendy’s is enough. They are cheap and have a somewhat decent taste to them. For poor college students, cheaper is usually best.

Why lower the bar and get a hamburger from McDonald’s when you can get a delicious burger for a reasonable price?

Here’s a few places that have amazing burgers for cheap.

Five Guys: Located in downtown Ogden in the Junction, Five Guys is one of my favorite places to get a burger. You have the choice of just a regular hamburger, cheeseburger or if you want to get really fancy you can get the bacon hamburger, with or without cheese. If their regular burgers are too big for you, you can make your burger a smaller size.

Once you choose what kind of burger you want, you get to decide what goes on it whether that is everything or just simply lettuce and tomato.

Their regular hamburger costs $5.79, not too bad for a burger that tastes exceptionally delicious. Their burgers are so good that many places have voted Five Guys as having the best burgers.

Burger Bar: Opened in 1956, many may know that Burger Bar was featured on the TV show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” for their extraordinarily good hamburgers. Their menu consists of many delicious items ranging from their elk burger to their classic Big Ben burger. The Big Ben burger is by far the most popular item on the menu thanks to fry sauce-smothered buns. The meat is fresh daily and their buns are homemade.

Their prices are not as cheap as McDonald’s, but not as expensive as a sit-down restaurant. The Big Ben burger costs $5.49, not too bad for a burger that is as fresh as this one.

In-N-Out: Originating in California, In-N-Out is good for quick service. In-N-Out gives the hamburger a new name, where you feel like you’re actually eating semi-healthy but the taste is mouth watering. Their menu consists of three items: the cheeseburger, hamburger and the double-double. They do have a “not-so-secret” menu on their website, where they have a few other kinds of different burgers. They all come with the same condiments like lettuce, tomato, onions and their signature sauce.

What makes In-N-Out even better is their prices. Their hamburger alone costs $2.05, and to make it a meal with fries and a drink costs $5.25. You will be paying the same price as McDonald’s or Wendy’s, but with far better taste.

Each and every one of these burger joints offer their own take on what a burger should taste like. They all make sure quality is seen in the price and taste. It doesn’t matter which one of these delicious, high quality burger joints you choose, you won’t be disappointed.


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