Here’s what went down at the WSUSA Senate meeting:

  1. Shuttle to campus

Davis Campus Senator Tyler Hall introduced a bill requesting funding to paint paws at the shuttle loading spot at the Dee Events Center.

Students complained to senators about being late for class due to having to wait for the second shuttle after the first shuttle was filled to capacity. The paw prints are designed to make it clear where a student is in line so they know which shuttle they are on in order to plan their schedule.

The bill will be read and voted on in the next meeting.

  1. Wi-Fi at University Village

According to residence halls Senator Anastasia Austin, a solution has been put in place to the fix the problems with Wi-Fi at University Village.

Residents complained about slow speeds and random disconnects earlier in this the semester. Housing performed upgrades over the summer but students still claimed to experience slow speeds.

The fix is in place though Austin says residents should continue to report any future issues.

  1. Classes being dropped without informing students

Students brought a concern to senators of classes being dropped without being informed. Senators met with the dean of the respective college and solved the issue.

The dean sent an email to Jeff Henry with solutions.

  1. Neuroscience classes

Students had complained chemistry was not listed as a prerequisite for neuroscience classes, even though neuroscience classes require chemistry knowledge.

The Senate investigated and found that the chemistry in the basic chemistry classes is different from the chemistry performed in neuroscience. Making students take chemistry would not make them more successful in the class.

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