On the tight, ramen-five-nights-a-week budget that most students are on, affording $10 per movie tickets can be nearly impossible. However, many movie theaters are making it more feasible for students to view the latest Hollywood films.

The Cinemark movie theater in the Newgate Mall offers $5 tickets all day, for any movie on Tuesdays. This is a great opportunity for students to be able to experience the latest movies without having to pay the exorbitant ticket prices.

In addition to saving students money on the tickets, the Cinemark movie theater also offers ways for students to earn rewards and coupons. One way students can do this is by downloading Cinemark’s free app “CineMode.” By activating CineMode and remaining in CineMode through the entire movie, students can earn coupons towards future Cinemark purchases.

Another option that allows students to see current movies without paying the full ticket price is dollar movie theaters like Cine Pointe 6 on 12th street. Full-priced tickets at Cine Pointe 6 are one third of the price ($3) of full price tickets at movie theaters like the Megaplex or Cinemark, which average about $9. Cine Pointe 6 also offers students an exclusive discount when they show their WSU ID card at the ticket office, further discounting already low ticket prices.

While movies at Cine Pointe 6 aren’t the latest Hollywood blockbusters, they are recent films. Often as a movie ceases to be shown at a normal theater, it begins showings at a dollar theater, making it current, but not the most current.

Students can also receive discounts on concessions by signing up for weekly emails or using certain local banking cards at the concessions counter. Both the Cinemark in the Newgate mall and Cine Pointe 6 theaters offer special email-only coupons to those who enter their email online at their respective websites. Megaplex Theater at the Junction on 23rd and Kiesel Ave. offers concession upgrades to customers who pay with a Zions Bank visa card. They also offer evening tickets at matinee prices to customers who buy tickets in the theater with their America First Credit Union visa debit card or credit card.

While it can take a little planning and resourceful thinking, it isn’t impossible for students on ultra-tight budgets to be able to afford movie tickets and a week’s worth of groceries in the same paycheck.

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