I admit, it was the album art that got me listening to this band. With its interesting collage and amber hues, it offered a kind of mystique that was warming and endearing. Fortunately, I can say the same for the music inside.

A follow-up to their self-titled debut album, “It Tastes A Little Sweeter” is full of color with warm and rugged rock tempos. The Minnesotan band Pill Hill has managed to capture some of that ’70s rock appeal. This is especially seen in the album’s opening track, “Even When You’re Blue,” and in the fourth track, “One Horse Town.”1412874758552

Pill Hill describes their music as Americana rock, “guitar-driven and twangy,” seeking inspiration from the Rolling Stones and David Bowie. Lead singer Dan Fowlds’ vocals add character with their rock-raspy vibe, much like that of Jakob Dylan from the The Wallflowers.

The best songs on this album are “Even When You’re Blue,” “Butterscotch House” and “Sunshine.”

Track number six, “Butterscotch House,” is where I give my thanks because it was the inspiration for the album’s cover. The last track on the album, “Sunshine” takes you away softly yet still breaks in some upbeat rock outs.

I recommend Pill Hill to those looking for a new, modern rock band that keeps in touch with the rock feel of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I give this album 3 stars.

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