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For some Wildcats, Halloween is a time-honored tradition with many annual must-do activities. Whether they be Halloween parties, visiting a haunted house or seeing a scary movie, these WSU students shared their plans and their suggestions about what to do Halloween night.

Richard Magana, a WSU student studying radiology, said he thinks part of the allure of Halloween is that students get to dress up as something that they aren’t. This use of imagination can help students relax after a long week of homework and tests.

Magana said he is pretty stoked about his Halloween plans. He plans on dressing up as the Joker from Batman this year. His Halloween night will consist of he and friends trick-or-treating and “collecting all the candy in the world.”

Magana suggested that students who don’t have any plans for Halloween should take the opportunity to spend time with friends. Specifically, Magana suggested getting a group of friends together and watching a scary movie.

Gennesis Marroquin, another WSU student, has her own ideas about why students love Halloween. She said she thinks people like Halloween because  they get to scare other people and some get to design their own costumes.

Marroquin is a little unsure of what she will be doing for Halloween. A California native, Marroquin thinks going outside on Halloween could get a little cold, especially in the fickle fall weather Utah is famous for. Even though she probably won’t be going outside, Marroquin is excited to enjoy Halloween festivities.

“I’m excited to see the variety of costumes the kids wear when they ask for candy,” Marroquin said. “You can tell some get really creative and go all out.”

For Marroquin, there’s an element of nostalgia to her Halloween traditions.

“When I was younger I would dress up, take my brothers trick-or-treating, go to a Halloween party, but then I moved here. I think it gets too cold to do anything,” Marroquin said.

Although it might be a little chilly, Marroquin said she still might go to a haunted house.

Ashley Hodges explained that she is excited for Halloween. She is planning on going to a friend’s Halloween party like she does every year.

Students such as Magana, Marroquin, and Hodges already have an idea what they will be doing on Halloween night. For those who aren’t quite sure what they will be doing, there are still options for a fun Halloween.

“(Students) can get a costume and go out trick-or-treating with family, or go have a party or go out with friends,” Marroquin said.

There are plenty of haunted houses in Ogden that students can go to such as Haunted Hallow and Castle of Chaos. Students who don’t mind traveling might appreciate Nightmare on 13th, Fear Factory or Asylum 49 in Salt Lake and Tooele.

There are also many corn mazes around the Ogden area that will be open for business like The Corn Maize in Ogden, Black Island Farms in Syracuse and Cold Spring Trout Farm in North Ogden.

Hodges suggested that students with no plans for Halloween night go to the movie theater and watch a scary movie.

Whether students have plans to go out or not, there are many different ideas students can choose from to make their Halloween night worth while.

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