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In the mood for a scary movie? Why go out and rent a horror flick when you can watch one from the comfort of your own laptop?

Quality horror flicks can be hard to come by, but luckily there are some good ones out there. Here are a few of my favorite scary movies on Netflix.Whether it’s zombies, a vampire, cannibal, masked murders, or any other scary fictional character, each and every one of these films will do well at giving you a thrill.

“The Cabin in the Woods”

What’s better than a scary movie making fun of a scary movie? Not much. Unfortunately there’s hardly any real quality movies that do such a thing. The only one that really proves to do so is “The Cabin in the Woods.”

You’ll either hate it or love it. The movie is filled with humor, horror and a seriously good storyline. Trying not to give too much away, the movie has every fictional scary character or creature you can think of in it, and a group of friends trying to survive. It’s a film that doesn’t take itself so seriously while still making fun of the horror genre that many of us know so well.

“World War Z”

Brad Pitt paired up against some blood thirsty zombies makes for a really great combination. I was ecstatic when I first saw “World War Z” made it to Netflix. I love a good zombie movie and this one proved to be one of the best. It has great acting, along with an intense story line, and loads of vicious, flesh-craving zombies of course.

Some might see it as more of a thriller than a horror, but I say if it has zombies and makes me jump, it’s a horror movie. If you haven’t seen “World War Z” yet, you need to watch it immediately.

“Fright Night”

If ever you’ve wondered what it would be like to live next to a vampire, this movie will mostly likely give you a good idea. “Fright Night” is an ’80s classic that has a little bit of humor and a large amount of fear.

“Fright Night” is about a boy who comes to believe his neighbor is a vampire. When he tells his family and friends about it, no one believes him. We could all probably relate to that, if we found out there was a vampire living next us!

“The Silence of the Lambs”

“The Silence of the Lambs” is an all-around creepy movie that has been hauntingly timeless ever since it came out in the ’90s. Anthony Hopkins plays as Dr. Hannibal Lecter and does an incredible job portraying the role of a psychopath, serial killer and cannibalistic forensic psychiatrist. Just thinking about his creepy character gives me goosebumps.

Jodie Foster also does really well playing a young FBI officer who ends up having to go face to face with the creepy, flesh-eating Hannibal. The acting is done very well and the disturbing plot makes for a really good horror flick.

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