Weber State University’s Stress Relief Center now has an Aquamassage machine. The center is continually adding new techniques and equipment to help relieve students’ stress. One of the newest stress relieving tools is the Aquamassage.

“Essentially, you lie on your back and shots of water shoot up vigorously and relaxingly massage the lower, middle and upper back and the shoulders,” said Michael Olpin, director of the Stress Relief Center.

To use the machine all you have to do is remove your shoes. There is no need to undress, because you won’t get wet. There is a waterproof barrier between you and the water.

“It’s like a Jacuzzi without getting wet,” said Sarah Abing, Stress Relief Center student employee.

These machines have been showcased in shopping malls around the country for the price of $1 per minute. They are very large and expensive, which makes them rare for someone to own.

Weber State University students or anyone with a pass to the Swenson Complex can use the Aquamassage for free.

“It’s a new favorite,” said Olpin.

The machine can be programmed for different intensity levels. Users can receive a light, gentle massage up to a very intense pressure for those who really have knots in their back or neck.

The Livestrong website states that hydrotherapy machines like the Aquamassage may help reduce chronic pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions.

In addition to the Aquamassage, the Stress Relief Center has other new and interesting options.

“The biofeedback programs are up and running now, which is very cool,” Olpin said. “We also continue to update our library with excellent new stress management and wellness-related books.”

The Stress Relief Center is located on the Ogden campus in Rooms 60 and 61 of the Swenson Complex. No appointment is needed to enjoy any of the tools available.

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