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Bison are famously seen walking around Antelope Island. There were originally 12 bison brought to the island in 1897. Today the herd consists of more than 700. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)
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Surrounded by salt water, Antelope Island has over 40 freshwater springs, producing over 30 million gallons of water each year. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)
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The oldest exposed rocks on the island are from the Farmington Canyon Complex, called gneiss. These metamorphic rocks have been dated to 1.7 billion years old, and are the same age as rocks found at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. These rocks can be seen on the southern two-thirds of the island. (Utah state parks) (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)
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A popular location for boating, windsurfing, swimming, fishing and playing in the water, Pineview Reservoir is a must-see adventure spot. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)
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A beautiful shot of the trees and the water at Beus Pond Park. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)
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Walk out to the docks and witness the incredible scenery Beus Pond Park has to offer. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)

Who doesn’t love the outdoors?  After living in Utah these last few months, I’ve become particularly fond of the vast opportunities to go outside and explore what Utah has to offer.

One of my favorite local places to explore is Antelope Island. Nestled 41 miles north of Salt Lake City, Antelope Island is the largest island on the Great Salt Lake. Antelope Island is the perfect place to go to check out the beautiful salt flats while enjoying a nice bike ride or hike,  and to experience the most incredible views while relishing in the wildlife. Antelope Island is home to bison, pronghorn, mule deer, owls, falcons and hawks.

Another great local place to visit is Pineview Reservoir. Located in the Ogden Valley, Pineview is a nice place to go to look at the placid waters while enjoying a nice picnic.

My last favorite local adventure hot spot is Beus Pond Park. Beus Pond Park is located at 4240 Country Hills Drive in OgdenThis park offers nature at every turn: lots of shady trees and grass, complete with picnic areas and wildlife. Walk the extensive trail system amidst the trees, relax on a bench and watch geese, ducks and other birds in a serene setting. You can also walk out on the dock or cross streams on the foot bridges. Beus Pond Park is easily the best place to use as a retreat from everyday stress and relax in a tranquil setting.

What are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy all the outdoor adventures Utah has to offer right outside your door.


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