(Graphic by Autumn Mariano)
(Graphic by Autumn Mariano)

With a New Year upon us it may be time to revamp the apps on your phone.

Between games, organizational apps and informational apps, there are many must-have apps out there, but many of these apps will cost you. Here are the top five free apps that most of us need:


Have you ever been driving and a song comes on the radio, but you don’t know the name or artist? Shazam will solve this dilemma. Pull the app up, press the play button and within a few seconds you will know the name and artist of the song.

You can get this app for free in the app store and be on your way to discovering new music.


Forgot which movies your favorite actor has starred in? No problem. Pull up IMDB on your phone and search for that actor or actress and the app will pull up all the movies and TV shows they have starred in. The IMDB app also shares information about movies, such as release dates for different countries.

The IMDB app is free from your favorite app store.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express gives you the power to edit any photo that you take on your phone, meaning you’re no longer stuck with blurry pictures that you’re unable to fix.

The only drawback to Photoshop Express is that the app is currently geared toward iPhones. iPhone users can obtain this app for free at the app store.


The Microsoft Word app gives users the option to work on the go. Users can use Word as if they were working on their laptop. Each document will end up in the user’s dropbox, which keeps you organized.

This app is available for free.


Tinder is the latest in dating apps. It is set up so no user can talk to anyone if they have not already matched with that person. Though it’s important to note that the app is used more for flirting than actual dates.

Tinder is free on the app store.

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