Why do people dance? Does it make them feel beautiful and elegant? Maybe it gives them an outlet to express themselves? Whatever the reason, dance is a captivating experience that is full of health benefits.

All you need is an open room, infectious music and you’ll have not only your daily dose of exercise, but a good time as well!

Here are different dance courses offered at Weber State University and their specific health benefits. These are certain to make you think twice when passing by a dance studio.

  1. Ballet: When people think of ballet, the typical image is a graceful, thin ballerina twirling around and showing off her elegance. While this is true, ballet is more than just finesse. Some of the health benefits include improved posture and poise, flexibility and lean muscles. It promotes better posture and poise by forcing you to be aware of your alignment while adding a touch of grace to every movement. Your flexibility will improve because you’re using muscles that aren’t normally used, all while toning and sculpting your body. Open to all, Ballet I, II and III is offered at Weber State both in fall and spring semesters.

    An example of a ballet dancer using her entire body during her routine. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
  1. Zumba: While most are deceived by the catchy music, those familiar with this wild dance style know that it can be an intense form of exercise. During a Zumba routine, you’re using almost all your muscles while getting distracted by the choreography. This dance style also gives you the chance to get creative with your workout and experiment with your own dance moves. While Zumba is a total-body workout, it’s also a mental cleanse and stress reliever for many. At the end of the day, you’ve been getting fit while having fun! Zumba classes are offered in fall and spring.
  1. Modern: Often thought of as the “rebel” of the dance world, modern dance was created as an expression of the soul and abstract feelings. Modern dance strays away from the structure of classical ballet, making it more flowing and free. The main purpose of modern dance is to connect the mind with the body through dance movements. One major benefit of modern dance is that it emphasizes creativity and self-expression. Modern Dance I, II and III are taught both semesters at Weber State.
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