The Twerps’ self entitled albums will leave listeners with a wide range of emotions.

Admittedly, Twerps wouldn’t be a band I would be inclined to listen to while browsing music at a local media store. However, now that I’ve had the chance to listen to them, I definitely recommend them to fellow music lovers.

This relatively new band from Australia has made a big impression in the short time they’ve been together. Classified as ‘janky pop’ on their Facebook page and ‘noisy pop’ on Pandora.

Formed in late 2008, the band has enjoyed much success. After a set of singles, the release of their 2011 self-titled album established their name in the music scene.

According to Pitchfork, the band’s previous album can be described as “songs fraught with universal, emotional sentiments.” I agree with Pitchfork’s comment.

Initially, this album made me feel joyful. The band has a way of using their sound to evoke very cheerful feelings or more morose ones when the occasion calls for it. Another reason I enjoyed this album was because they utilize their female band member’s voice.

Evocative of a Fleetwood Mac, the band switches from having their main vocalist Martin Frawley singing on certain tracks to guitar/keyboard player Julia McFarlane singing on others. While Twerps can be compared to other bands, they surly have a sound of their own.

If you end up liking this band, you should also look up Spectrals, Eternal Summers, Super Wild Horses and Big Troubles. I would give this band 3.5 stars out of five because I can really appreciate unique and enjoyable sound. This band is one that seems to stay true to themselves and is great to listen to on any occasion.

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