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Fall Out Boy’s new album “American Beauty/American Psycho” is sure to capture the attention of audiences everywhere. Released on Jan. 20, these 11 songs add to Fall Out Boy’s collection of five other albums.

The album runs about 39 minutes long, and for the most part consists of upbeat music with a few slower songs. With their unique sound, catchy lyrics and fast-paced sound, even the slow songs make this album stand out.

One song that many are sure to recognize is the hit song, “Centuries.” It’s currently No. 11 on the iTunes most-popular chart. “Centuries” was released as a single before the album’s debut this January. Its beat and intensity is echoed throughout the other songs on the album, and it gives a good preview of what to expect from the rest of the songs.

I did feel the album was a little repetitive, and it wasn’t as unique as Fall Out Boy’s previous albums, but I have to wonder if that is due to how amazing I believed their previous album was. Since this album was  released a year after their previous album, I think they may have rushed to release “American Beauty/American Psycho.” Their sound is catchy, but after a few songs it gets a little repetitive and makes you start to lose interest, even the first time you are listening to it.

While the album as a whole isn’t a huge must-have, there are some stand-out songs such as “Centuries,” “Uma Thurman,” “American Beauty/ American Psycho” and “The Kids are Alright.” I think all of these songs have the potential to grow in popularity due to their sound and simple lyrics.

As with their other albums, listeners hear empowering but strange lyrics. The song “American Beauty/American Psycho,” which the album is named after, is a really unique song. The sound changes a couple of times during the song, becoming faster, then slower, and has very unique lyrics. I found it really interesting that at one point in the song it almost sounds very close to screamo, although overall the album takes on a rock/alternative sound.

The other song I really enjoyed was “Uma Thurman.” Its sound was almost like the James Bond theme song. I think the lyrics are also pretty simple and easy to sing along with. Overall, I think this song was just a fun and enjoyable song to listen to. It is currently No. 86 on iTunes top chart, but I’m sure it will gain popularity as more people hear it.

I’m not sure “American Beauty/American Psycho” is going to be as popular as Fall Out Boy’s last album. However, I think “American Beauty/American Psycho” will climb in the charts because of its unique song lyrics and the upbeat tempo. This album, with the right audience, could be very popular.

Fall Out Boy will be coming to Salt Lake City this summer on July 30, so check out their new album before you hit the concert.

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