Courtesy of Sundance Institute
“Don Verdean,” pictured above, as well as other Sundance Films will be featured at Peery’s Egyptian Theater. (Courtesy of Sundance Institute)

Lately it’s been impossible to open up social media or watch the evening news without hearing something about the Sundance Film Festival in Northern Utah. Celebrities, indie films and the Park City scenery are great, but fighting the crowds and traffic isn’t always as appealing.

For students interested in the films, but maybe not so much the crowds or driving over an hour to get to Park City, there’s an easy local solution. Peery’s Egyptian Theater on 24th Street and Washington Boulevard in downtown Ogden will be showing a selection of the films showcased at the Sundance Film Festival.

Jan. 30, “Don Verdean” and “A Walk in the Woods” will be shown at 6 and 9 p.m.

“Don Verdean” follows the biblical archaeologist Don Verdean. Verdean has dedicated his life to searching for relics and artifacts from Jesus Christ’s ministry. When an evangelical preacher, Tony Lazarus, offers to be patron for Verdean’s relic quest, the team starts to feel pressure to find more significant relics. This leads Verdean, his assistant Carol and their Holy Land contacts, Boaz and Shem, down a not-so-righteous path, leading Verdean to question what is truly important in his life.

“A Walk in the Woods” is about two high school friends who decide to hike the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail. While on their epic hike, the duo discover that some roads are better left untraveled. Meeting a host of interesting characters along the way, this film is as playful as it is moving.

Individual tickets were available online, but many shows have been sold out for months. The easiest way to get tickets for an event now is to sign onto a wait list. Two hours before an event begins, a wait list will be opened. Names on that wait list will be used to fill available seats. Wait list tickets are $15 and only cash will be accepted. Exact change is encouraged.

To sign up for a wait list, students create a profile on Sundance Film Festival’s e-waitlist website. From there, students can select which event they want to be wait listed for and receive a wait list queue number. Wait list numbers are listed under the “My Wait List” heading of the account.

Next, students need to go to the event theater and wait in line. Students must arrive and present their wait list queue number 30 minutes prior to the event. Students will either need their account pulled up on their smartphone or a valid photo ID to confirm their queue number with Sundance volunteers. Once students have checked in with a volunteer, students wait for their name and number to be called. Once a student’s number has been called, the student will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket to the event.

For a detailed list of steps, visit Sundance Film Festival’s ticketing FAQ page.


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