A large leather fanny pack. WWE star XXX used one to cheat at a wing-eating contest in Philadelphia (Wikimedia Commons)
A large leather fanny pack. WWE star Mick Foley used one to cheat at a wing-eating contest in Philadelphia (Wikimedia Commons)

From a fanny pack used to cheat in a wing-eating contest to a video game that simulates putting together IKEA furniture, here’s this week’s five crazy headlines!

  1. Mother unknowingly shuttles weed in van for 13 years

Having used the 1990s Chevy van for over a decade, New Mexico resident Melodie Peil was shocked to discover 13 pounds of pot stashed inside the passenger door.

Peil didn’t discover the drugs until a friend disassembled the door with the intention of fixing the lock. Police believe it belonged to the previous owner.

Surprisingly, the van passed through border patrol checkpoints at least 10 times since Peil bought it in the early 2000s.

Source: KPTV Oregon

  1. “Kindness curriculum” may boost success in preschoolers

A new study in Madison, Wisconsin, tested preschoolers who received lessons in kindness and social interaction.

“Learning their ABCs” meant the toddlers grasped the fundamentals of attention, breath and body and caring practice. Preliminary results suggest kids who participated in the study fared better in school.

It turns out learning how to share is more important than most thought.

Source: Machprinciple

  1. WWE Superstar cheats eating contest with fanny pack

Mick Foley was ejected from a wing-eating contest in Philadelphia after he was caught stuffing wings into a fanny pack instead of eating them.

Foley took it in stride, sarcastically claiming on Twitter the loss has shattered his legacy. He even Tweeted before the contest that he would cheat.

Source: Washington Post

  1. Marijuana vending machine to debut in Seattle

The company American Green will debut the first marijuana vending machine, which will sell various marijuana products, in early February.

The vending machine will be climate controlled and will feature an ID scanner to verify buyers’ ages before they can buy the product.

Source: KBOI-TV Idaho

  1. Video game simulates the frustration of building IKEA furniture

Some of the most acclaimed video games let players do virtually anything. The makers of Höme Improvisåtion are pushing the limits of the genre, letting players put together their own IKEA-style furniture.

The game presents players with endless flat boxes filled with furniture for their virtual home with some assembly required.

Höme Improvisåtion is free for Mac and PC users on the developer’s website and was designed by a team of four in 48 hours.

Source: Cnet


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