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The John B. Goddard School of Business and Economics has many different study abroad and exchange trips for students this summer. (Kaitlyn Johnson/ The Signpost)

Studying abroad is something many students feel they need to experience before their college career ends. At Weber State University, there are plenty of opportunities for students to travel, no matter their major.

For students in the John B. Goddard School of Business and Economics, Feb. 6 is the last day for students to sign up for summer study abroad trips.

Signing up for a study abroad trip may seem complicated, but according to marketing specialist Shawnee Stump, the process is relatively easy. All of the information can be found on Weber State’s website by going to the “A to Z” index and choosing “S” for study abroad.

From there students can browse the website, which shows trips, deadlines, costs and the application. To start the application, students need to talk to Aleta Harrison, the study abroad program adviser in the Goddard School of Business and Economics.

If students are enrolled in the Goddard Business School, there are many scholarships available to help with financing. All trips require a $1,000 deposit, which cannot be paid with scholarships.

When planning the cost of the study abroad trip, expenses such as airfare, lodging and course-related transportation are all included. Also, students must submit an admission application to partner schools, which each have their own deadlines.

2-5 Study Abroad (Kaitlyn Johnson) (2 of 2)
Over the summer, students can study abroad with the John B. Goddard School of Business and Economics through eight different programs (Kaitlyn Johnson/ The Signpost)

It’s important to remember that while the study abroad program is mostly promoted through the business school, students aren’t required to be enrolled in the business program to go. There are many different trips that can benefit students in different majors.

Preparing for a trip abroad can seem difficult, but the trip is well worth it according to Stump, who mentioned that outside of the credits students receive, there are many other reasons to study abroad.

“The experiences that you get out of it, the cultural significance of getting outside of your own environment is very important,” Stump said.

Seeing different countries and how they’re structured and how their legal systems work differently is another reason Stump says studying abroad is a great experience.

“You get a feel of how to interact with other individuals,” she said, adding that this experience is particularly great for business students because business is a global trade.

Students like WSU sophomore Ian Syme said that studying abroad is something that could greatly benefit their college career.

“I think it would be interesting to experience the culture of different countries,” Syme said, adding that seeing and learning about British culture would mean a lot to him.

If studying abroad seems like something you’d like to look into, now is the time to do so.

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