Midway into spring semester most students are deep in their studies with no sign of stopping until the sweet release of summer.

However, there is more to the college experience than just the classroom. With over 200 clubs and organizations at Weber State University, now is a good time to take advantage of the extracurricular activities. They can get you more involved on campus and jumpstart your career.

8-28 anime club (Lichelle Jenkins) (8 of 10)
WSU Wyvern Anime club participates in a table top game on campus. (Source: Lichelle Jenkins/The Signpost)

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why getting involved with campus clubs and organizations is a good idea.

  1. Connects students with community and campus. This is a no-brainer. Students who get more involved with activities outside of the classroom are naturally more connected with others across campus and in the community. Clubs are not only good for networking with other students, but even with potential employers and professionals who can open doors to future careers.


  1. Opportunity outlet and resume builder: It’s never too soon to be thinking about lining yourself up for your dream job. Participating in clubs can give you a rare taste of the career field you’re thinking about and even offer potential internships. Early experience is always a plus when it comes to building your resume and getting ahead of your competition.


  1. Helps you discover what you’re really passionate about. Most of us join a club or organization because it allows us to indulge in our quirky hobbies that we don’t usually have time for. However, joining a club can be more than just a hobby. A club gives you a safe space to explore potential interests without fully dedicating yourself to a certain career path. Here, you can discover what you really love.

    (Source: Matthew Barker)  Weber State volleyball player McKay Tarbox lifts at the Wildcat Open held last month.
    A student gets involved with a campus weightlifting club. (Source: The Signpost)


  1. Meet others who are like-minded. We are social creatures. We crave belonging and acceptance. What better way to satisfy that need than to join a group of people who share similar interests? Joining a club not only links you with like-minded people but also gets you out of the house and more involved with the outside world.



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