'Picture You' is The Amazing's third album
‘Picture You’ is The Amazing’s third album 

The Swedish group The Amazing and their outspoken front man, Christoffer Gunrup, were able to do a lot with their latest work “Picture You.” With everything from funk sounds to acoustic melodies, this album was very well thought out.

The Amazing is a somewhat difficult band to describe, and even Gunrup has stated on the band’s website, “I have no idea how to describe the songs.” He also states that it’s just best to play and to not theorize about the music too much.

This is a group that not only has the ability to sound somber and ambiguous at times but can also switch feeling and sound from song to song. Many of the songs utilize completely instrumental portions that make one feel a release of pent-up emotions. Songs such as “Circles” and “Fryshusfunk” are prime examples of this.

In “Circles,” the song digresses into a musical progression that really builds on itself. You can hear each instrument, and it creates a soulful and tranquil feeling. The melody played in this song adds a very human quality to the music that any listener can relate to. “Fryshusfunk,” as the name indicates, turns into a funky fusion of guitars and drums that you could easily dance to.

I don’t have many complaints about this group other than perhaps the vocals. In this album, distinguishing the words is not as easy as I personally prefer. To me, lyrics can be very powerful, and I feel that if the words were more clear, the group could have made a bigger impact on their listeners.

If The Amazing is a group you enjoy, bands such as The Black Swans, Cass McCombs and Jonathan Wilson will also do the trick. As for ratings, this album gets 3.5 stars out of five. The differing sounds and instrumental portions are amazing to listen to, but  the vocals just aren’t all there. Sorry Gunrup, it’s my job to theorize.

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