As the Weber State University hockey team makes a late season push to qualify for regional playoffs, the Wildcats picked up a much needed 5-1 win at home against BYU.

After picking up a close win on the road against BYU Thursday night, Weber State came out with a high level of intensity in the blowout victory.

“I think BYU played as good as they could but they couldn’t match our effort,” said WSU coach Clay Hobbs. “Their skill level didn’t match our skill level. Their intensity level didn’t match our intensity level. This game is as good as we’ve played all year long and we had a full 60 minutes of sustained effort.”

The Wildcats got off to a hot start in the first period as the Wildcats had two power plays, one of which led to a goal off the stick of senior Phill Jennrich. Junior Landon Aylor quickly followed up on Jennrich’s goal with one of his own with three minutes left in the first period.

The second period saw the Wildcats’ momentum carry over from the first as Aylor made yet another goal with assists from Jake Webber and Cody Bohin. During that time BYU had a double power play for a full two minutes, but goalkeeper Ian Frank and the three remaining Wildcats on the ice guarded their side well as they did not allow a shot from BYU. The second period almost ended with another goal for WSU, as one last shot by Jennrich made it into the net just seconds after the buzzer went off to end the second period.

Despite a strong effor from BYU, the Cougars were unable to match the Wildcats’ team work.

“They always work hard, that’s the kind of team they are,” said sophomore Alex Pizarro. “But we kept hitting them and adding to the body and that’s what wore them down and got into their heads.”

Trouble on the ice popped up in the third period as one BYU player took a shot at sophomore Gunnar Bjorklund, starting a fight on the ice with nine minutes left in the game.

“That guy took a cheap shot on me,” Bjorklund said. “I got a little angry and went after him.”

Despite finally scoring a goal in the third period, BYU was unable to overcome the deficit as they fell to Weber State 5-1.

“It’s hard to beat a team when they’re going for 60 minutes like that,” said freshman Janson Eisenstat. “BYU had a little speed on us but they didn’t have our control.”

The Wildcats play their final home game Saturday night, as they host Utah State in a crucial match that will decide the team’s fate in qualifying for the regionals.

“If we have tonight’s effort we’ll win tomorrow’s game, that’s it” Hobbs said. “If we play like we did tonight I don’t see any reason we won’t win.”

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