A handful of different tomatoes. A new robot developed in Japan will feed tomatoes to you as you run (Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)
A handful of different tomatoes. A new robot developed in Japan will feed tomatoes to you as you run (Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

From a robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run, to Planned Parenthood being called #worsethanISIS, here are this week’s five crazy headlines.

  1. Wearable robot feeds you tomatoes as you run

A Japanese vegetable juice company just unveiled their new product: Tomaton, a robot worn as a backpack that feeds you tomatoes as you run.

The robot weighs an estimated 18 pounds and was created partly for runners in the Tokyo marathon. Representatives of the company lauded the nutritional value of tomatoes, especially for runners dealing with fatigue.

Source: International Business Times

  1. Woman found in a box, alive, at Irving landfill

A passerby in Irving, Texas, spotted a woman sticking out of a box in the entrance to the local dump Saturday morning.

The woman was thankfully alive, and was reportedly acting drunk. There was no evidence of sexual assault according to the police, and the woman claims no knowledge of how she got there.

Before being discovered at the dump, she had last been seen by a friend several hours earlier at a nightclub nine miles away.

Source: KHOU Houston

  1. Theater mixes up ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and ‘SpongeBob’

The local Megaplex in Loveland, Colorado, accidentally showed a crowd of parents and their kids the beginning of “50 Shades of Grey” instead of the film they paid for, “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.”

Luckily, parents reportedly evacuated the theater with their children in record time.

The theater corrected the mistake in short order, and only the beginning of the R-rated film “50 Shades of Grey” was shown.

Source: USA Today

  1. Planned Parenthood: No, we are not #WorseThanISIS

South Dakota state legislator Isaac Latterell is pushing a bill to ban abortion through the State Legislature, with comments that the organization Planned Parenthood is worse than the Islamic extremist group ISIS.

Planned Parenthood responded, noting they provide education and prevention options for people on either side of a pregnancy. ISIS, they added, kills journalists to promote their extremist political agenda.

Astute observers should compare and contrast.

Source: The Daily Beast

  1. Oscar acceptance speech study: Steven Spielberg gets thanked more than God

In a study analyzing over 1,300 acceptance speeches given at the Academy Awards, the most thanked individual is filmmaker Stephen Spielberg, ranking just behind “The Academy” and the recipient’s parents.

Number six on the list? God.

Others who beat out the Almighty include filmmakers George Lucas, Peter Jackson and James Cameron.

Source: Vocativ


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