Cover of Gayle Forman's new novel "I was here"
Cover of Gayle Forman’s new novel “I was here”

Gayle Forman, bestselling author of “If I Stay” and “Where She Went,” has done it again in her latest novel, I Was Here.”

Forman addresses the delicate subject of suicide as she tells a touching story about losing a loved one through the college-aged protagonist, Cody.

Having just lost her best friend Meg, Cody learns to cope with the questions and pitiful stares from the residents in her small town.

Cody envied Meg’s escape from their small town. Meg had a full ride scholarship to a college in Seattle; she was lucky one that got away.

Shortly after the Meg’s death, Cody is asked to go retrieve Meg’s belongings from her room at the university. Cody is shocked to find out that since Meg moved away, she knew little-to-nothing about her best friend.

Wondering why Meg hadn’t reached out to her for help, Cody searched Meg’s laptop only to find some surprising details about her meticulously thought-out suicide.

As Cody searches for answers, she enters Meg’s world. She gets to know Meg’s roommates, love interests and Meg’s favorite Seattle hangouts. This gives Cody that last chance to grasp onto any remaining part of Meg.

Forman’s writing captures her readers with vivid imagery as she brings characters to life, developing a story readers will want stay up all night to read.

I read If I Stay” and “Where She Went” in approximately three days. I have always been that person with her nose in a book, but Forman’s way of bringing worlds to life and capturing raw emotion brings me to only want more when one of her books comes to an end.

If I Stay” has been portrayed on the big screen and I can only hope that “Where She Went” and I Was Here” will also be brought to theaters at some point.

Take a chance and pick up a copy of I Was Here.” Let yourself get immersed in Forman’s world and get to know these intriguing characters.


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