"First Four" is a combination of Doe's previously released EP's.

Straight out of London, the trio known as Doe released their album “First Four,” a combination of four previously released EP’s. This pop punk band is influenced by 90s favorites like Sleater-Kinney, Pavement and Weezer.

Only featuring a singer, guitarist and a drummer, the band brings a unique sound to the realm of pop punk. Although the band has no bass, there is great energy in the rhythms produced by the guitar. The album alternates from throbbing, in-your-face riffs to catchy pop licks. Along with this, singer Nicola Leel penetrates listeners’ ears with powerful vocals.

While listening, I found myself making comparisons to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Leel really shows off her chops in songs like “Late Bloomer,” “Oh, Nostalgia!” and “Let Me In.” Not only this, but the aforementioned guitar rhythms offered on this album are great. Songs like “Let Me In” and “Julia Survived” really get the listener pumped when hearing the rhythms.

Leel’s voice in this album is very genuine and powerful. She doesn’t force too much, and sings very honestly. To me this can give listeners a very good sense of girl power because there isn’t anything holding Leel back. She sings her heart out and jams with her fellow band mates. The London based group states on their website that they like “Feminism, horror films and brown beer.”

This band doesn’t leave much for listeners to complain about. They are a group that fans of harder music, as well as more alternative listeners, can get into. If this band tickles your fancy, bands such as The Pixies, Baby Ghosts, and Olive Drab will do the same. This album gets three stars out of five.


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