In my oh-so-humble opinion, guys are great, but gal pals are better in the long run. (Ariana Berkmeier/ The Signpost)
In my oh-so-humble opinion, guys are great, but gal pals are better in the long run. (Ariana Berkmeier/ The Signpost)

The tummy butterflies are hard to ignore when a new relationship happens, but friendships are the real relationship everyone should cherish before they fall in love.

There are many reasons why friends are better than a serious relationship. Sure, a boyfriend isn’t bad, but in my opinion, friendships are more important. Here are five reasons why friends are better than boyfriends.


In my experience, a disagreement with a romantic partner can be far more detrimental to the relationship than it would be with a friend. The point here is that true friendships are more likely to work than romantic relationships are. Although my friends may not agree with all my decisions, they will be there for me through the thick and thin. Support is a trait I know I can expect from good friends. Good friends will ultimately be committed, even if they are mad. 


I was having a really bad day and a boy I’ve been dating was trying to cheer me up by playing Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are.” When I told my friends about it later, we all laughed because they knew I can’t stand “Just the Way You Are.” I’m not saying I didn’t appreciate his effort, I just didn’t like the song.

It goes without saying that an old friend will understand me better than some new boy does because they’ve known me longer. They know what the ‘no-touch’ subjects are and what aren’t. Even if their feelings toward the problem are different, they’re understanding.


In the long run, my friends have been easier to remember than boyfriends. A crazy night out with friends is a lot more memorable than making out with some random guy at a party. The laughter and conversations mean more because it’s a friend and they come along with all our old memories, whereas some random boyfriend you had for a short period of time does not.

In no way am I saying romantic dates aren’t memorable. It just isn’t always fun to look back on an amazing date if nothing ends up working out with a significant other.

No Pressure

There is no need to try to impress a good friend. While first dates consist of making sure you don’t say anything embarrassing and look perfect, it doesn’t take much effort to go out with friends and have a good time.

Accepting who someone is and liking their personality is what friendship is about. It can be reassuring knowing friends already adore being around each other and this makes being around them more fun.


I know that very few of my good friends would never push me to do something they know I’m not comfortable with. With new people, you never quite know what they’re going to ask you to do. Old friends respect boundaries and are less likely to try to bully you into something you don’t want to do.

This idea sounds like it comes from an elementary school bullying video but it is relevant to college. It’s hard to be yourself if the people around you don’t accept you for who you’ve chosen to be.

In my experience, respect is huge when I first start dating a guy, but sometimes it doesn’t last. My friends don’t open doors for me, but we know each other enough to respect each other’s beliefs, feelings and behavior.



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