Cash Knight – President

My name is Cash Knight. I began my career at Weber State University in 2010 as an offensive lineman for the Weber State Wildcats. Every day I represented myself and this university on the field and in the classroom. My blood, sweat and tears were added to this fine institution every day. It is in this sacrifice that my passion for Weber State University began. In 2013, my football career was ended by a hip injury requiring surgery. Though my career ended, my passion continued to grow.

In 2014 I began my career as a student senator. My primary goal was to promote student involvement and improve the experience of every student who has the privilege of attending this university. This leadership role at Weber State University expanded my love for this university to encompass all of the students who attend. It is this passion for the students at Weber State that commands me to be your Student Body President.

As Student Body President I promise to be a voice for the students. Every student in every department in every club and organization will be my priority. I promise when elected, I will be a voice for all those who feel mute. I will be an ear for all those who feel their complaints fall on deaf ears. I will be a shoulder for support to all students in all issues big or small. I promise that you will be my top priority.

As students, you are the key driving force of this university. Your student fees help fund everything from the computers you use to the events you attend. I believe you should have a voice in where your student fees go. My work on the Student Fee Recommendation Committee allowed me to do that this year and will allow me to do it again next year.

This is your university; help me to make it the university you have always dreamed of attending. I will empower students to be a driving factor in their own experience. By electing me, you as a student have taken the first step in improving your experience at Weber State University. Elect me, and gain a voice at your university.


Tessa Diamond – President

I, Tessa Diamond, could not be more excited to represent you as the President of the Weber State University Student Association.

From my first day on campus four years ago until today, I have been involved with the WSUSA.  I love every minute of my time spent getting to know classmates, faculty and staff and finding ways to improve our campus, our community and our education.

My years of involvement in the WSUSA have allowed me to grow as a student and as a leader.  In 2013, as the Leadership Vice President, I led my team through the designing and carrying out of university-wide conferences and many student training events. In 2014, as the Service Vice President, I took my team to new places with the addition of two community partners and student chairs as well as outreach to Weber State students and Ogden City community members in need.

As the future President of the WSUSA, I am extremely eager to begin working right away to build relationships between Weber State and the surrounding community. I plan to create further collaborations by working with Mayor Mike Caldwell, Ogden City Arts Council, Habitat for Humanity, Student Alumni Association’s The Pack, Weber State Ambassadors, Campus Recreation and many other groups.

More importantly, I am looking forward to working with individual students. If there is one thing I want to represent, it is your voice. I plan to meet you, get to know you, and accomplish the tasks necessary for you to succeed at Weber State. I am dedicated to the individual students on our campus. I am dedicated to you.


Jeffrey Henry – Legislative VP

I’m committed to the student body, faculty and staff of Weber State University. Our university, with its open access to all and diversity within our campuses and community, requires leadership with an ability to hear, listen and respond to the needs of the student body (which I’ve done proudly with the help of 22 other senators).

I’ve been involved with student government four years, along with various clubs and organizations, working to maintain the safe academic environment that changes and grows for the better to meet the needs of you, the Weber State University student. On Senate meeting day I wear my name badge along with another that says “I WORK HERE.” This means that I work as a student advocate for all students on issues that affect Weber on and off campus.

I would like to share a poem written by Chief Tecumseh, a Native American of the Shawnee tribe. The first paragraph is inspiring to me.

“So live your life so the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their views, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, and beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and of service to people.”


Kyle Froerer – Programming VP

Students and friends here at Weber State University,

Are you made aware of every event happening on campus? The dances, the speakers, the parties, and all other events are truly what make college a highlight in the lives of students—but only if they know about them and only if they’re planned expertly by someone passionate about giving students a REAL COLLEGE EXPERIENCE. That’s where I come in! Vote for Kyle Froerer for Activities Vice President and you’ll see exactly what I’m suggesting: a passionate expert allowing others to see the greatness of Weber State University.

My goal: To allow you and every student opportunities to be aware of each event that takes place on campus. This will be accomplished through several tools: First, targeting groups that will greatly benefit from a given event and allowing them to help in the processes of planning and advertising. Second, finding the most effective on-campus methods of mass communication to give every individual an opportunity to know what’s going on. Third and most important, monthly surveys will be done in a goal to gather feedback from students about whether they were made aware of certain events, whether they attended and how they feel it could be improved in the future.

My qualifications: I’m a third-generation Wildcat, so my family proudly bleeds purple! I am the assistant to the current Activities Vice President and am therefore exposed on an hourly basis to the functions, workings and know-how of putting on amazingly enjoyable events. As mentioned, I have a passion for planning, the bigger the event the better! My fellow students recently nominated me for Man of the Year. I also hold an honors GPA.

During this elections week, choose me as your Activities Vice President. I promise to continue to pour my passion into Weber State University and facilitate every event in a way that will benefit every student. Together, we can have a real college experience.

Vote Kyle Froerer for Activities Vice President.


Amina Khan – Programming VP

Purple has quickly become my favorite color. It is the perfect mix of red, which stands for power, and blue, which stands for care. I have the power to care. I thrive off of meeting new Wildcats on daily encounters. I have found my passion in the heart of the WSUSA Activities Board, where I’ve served as a chairperson for the past two years. I am confident of my capabilities to take my passion to the next level and become your Vice President of Activities.

Student life and the college experience are very important to me. Every student should feel welcomed and included at this university. Every student deserves a memorable college experience, and I want to provide that for you.

As vice president I want to make our Wildcat traditions stronger and bring us closer together. I want to improve student activities for a livelier campus life and increase attendance at events. And I want everyone to feel and know that Weber is their home.

I am passionate about what I do, and I am passionate about Weber State. With your support, we can make all of this happen. Vote Amina Khan for your Activities Vice President and experience a party like no other!


Juhi Dubal – Diversity & Unity VP

I’m committed to Weber State University’s student body population and my constituency. With many years of experience as a student and staff member of WSU, including the Multicultural Student Center, I’ve gained the skills and abilities needed to demonstrate the qualities necessary for the position I’m running for.

Weber State is about diversity and access to education, which are concepts I also value. Through my service as the Asian Senator this 2014-2015 academic year, I have seen the crucial importance of education through diversity. When elected, there are contributions I can make that will help my community and all the individuals involved with WSU.

My dream is to become a doctor so I may use all these skills developed to help those around me. I hope to have some hospitals as well as some nonprofit clinics to better support people in my community.


Cody Brown – Diversity & Unity VP

My name is Cody Brown and I am running for the Diversity and Unity Vice President. You may ask, “Why is a cisgendered white male running for a Diversity position?” The answer to that question is, I have always found diversity to be a very important aspect of people.

I have always been raised in an environment that was surrounded by Diversity. My siblings had their share of cognitive disabilities, and I was raised in a religiously diverse family. I have always found it important to make myself knowledgeable about things that make us all diverse and find out how it creates similarities.

Diversity goes beyond race, ethnicity, physical handicaps and gender. A lot of times people forget about the diversities that are easily hidden, like sexual orientation, cognitive handicaps, religious beliefs and whatever else makes an individual unique. I want this position so I can help educate people about diversity and show ways that we can unite. I would love to see this campus become more aware of and more open to diversity.

I have served on the Diversity Board before. I was the Common Grounds chair for the  2014-2015 year, and my time on the Diversity Board has only increased my passion for the Center of Diversity and Unity on our great campus. Weber State is certainly unique in its priority towards Diversity, and I know I would make a great Vice President of Diversity and Unity.

Kasey Call – Service VP

My name is Kasey Call, and I’m a Microbiology major preparing to apply to medical school.  I am running for the VP of Service, because I feel like service, specifically community service, is vital for students as they progress through their collegiate career.

Strong communities rely on the members of the community to actively support and give to each other.  We must be the change we want to see in the world.  The principle of reciprocity teaches that if we want our community to support our own families, we have to be willing to return the favor.  I am personally the product of a strong community where I had many heroes and idols to teach and guide me as I grew up.  The members of my community planned events and served one another so that everyone could benefit.

I believe that if we can get WSU students involved in service to our local community, we will not only be benefiting those whom we serve, but literally generations of people will also be affected by the stronger community, built by them.  It is the responsibility of the VP of Service to provide opportunities for students to serve here on campus and in the Ogden community.

Providing this opportunity for Weber State students is something that I am passionate about. I invite Weber State University and her students to join me in achieving this vision.

Marissa Questereit – Clubs & Orgs VP

My name is Marissa Questereit. I am the current Leadership Vice President, and I could not be more excited to run for your Clubs and Organizations Vice President! I am running for Clubs and Organizations because I want to get students more involved, and I want to help every club on campus and support them where needed.

If elected I want to get more students involved. Everyone says that campus involvement is important, but most students don’t know how to get involved. I want to make sure that it is easy for students to find out how to get involved so that everyone can find their place at Weber State.

I want the students to know about the 180-plus clubs on campus. My team will promote club events to ensure that students are in the know, so clubs have great attendance from the student body and everyone has the chance to get involved.

I love reaching out to the students, helping the students and making connections with the students. The student voice matters, and I am not afraid to stand up for it and do whatever it takes to help the students.

I am a great candidate for this position, because I am very dedicated to growing campus involvement at Weber State University. I am very passionate about helping the students succeed, and I love Weber State! Great Great Great!


Gregory Woodfield – Clubs & Orgs VP

Fellow Students of Weber State University,

Can you, as a student, say you’re involved in a club or organization here on campus? Do you know how to start or find a club or organization? If you do, wonderful! If not, it’s time to elect Gregory Woodfield for Clubs and Organizations Vice President.It’s time to experience leadership, direction and vision. Involvement in a club or organization specific to your program and interests is crucial to your success both in school and in your career, as it gives you many opportunities to make networking connections with future employers and excel in your future career.

My goal when elected is to help you establish more connections through mentors, club presidents and professors. How? Help students recognize what clubs and organizations are available. To start, type this link into your computer: You will be able to review all the organizations on campus and find one that fits your schedule, interests and program.

Elect me as your Clubs and Organizations VP, and I will do everything in my power to help you become a more valuable candidate when it comes time for job applications, resume building and networking opportunities. It is my main focus to commit time and sincere attention to fulfill your needs and goals. Personally, I have five years of sales and management experience and will be seeking more capital for clubs and organizations on campus.

I am currently a chair for the WSUSA activities team, and have been involved with WSUSA for two years. I’m a member of the Weber Entrepreneurs Association organization on campus, and have been a member of the Weber Marketing Association and Utah State’s Entrepreneur Club in the past. I hold Honors at Weber State and was recently nominated Man of the Year for the 2015 Crystal Crest Awards.

I promise experience and a fresh perspective.

New leader, new direction, new vision.

 Elect Gregory Woodfield for Clubs and Organizations Vice President.


Jazmine Gruber Allen – Clubs & Orgs VP

My name is Jazmine Gruber Allen, and I am running for the position of Vice President of Clubs and Organizations. I am a Theatre Arts Major, I have spent a year as the Sports and Service Chair in Clubs and Orgs, and I have fallen in love with being involved and helping out the Weber State Clubs.

If elected, my goals would be to have myself and my team be involved in the activities that clubs put on as much as possible.  This would include meetings, social events, competitions and many others.  I also would like to help clubs with anything they may need and make all of the resources such as marketing, advertising and funding available to WSU Clubs.

The passion that Weber State students shown within their clubs is what makes me love Weber State even more.


Paige Kunzler – Leadership VP

My name is Paige Kunzler, and I am running for Leadership VP. I have served in WSUSA on the Leadership team for two consecutive years. I served as a trainer in the StrengthsTeam my first year, and this past year I have served as the StrengthsTeam Director. In that position I was able to put on presentations twice a month to help students learn how they can use their strengths in everyday life. That position has helped me be able to utilize my strengths and help others utilize theirs as well.

I love being involved with the student body and I am hoping to stay involved as the Leadership VP. We need a plan to help the Leadership team grow, help the student body to understand what this team does, and how we can get other students involved on campus. I have that plan! I love helping people become better leaders and helping further their understanding of student involvement on campus. With the understanding of strengths I gained from the StrengthsTeam program, I know that I am more than qualified.

I am so glad I chose to attend Weber State! I’m even more appreciative of the WSUSA program for helping me get involved with student activities and leadership. I know that my leadership experience will help me to be the best Leadership VP I can be.

If elected, I will help each student become more involved on campus and, in turn, develop new leaders at Weber State!


Bryson Bohman – Leadership VP

“Demand of yourself improvement”

On March 3 I got home from a long day at school and work and thought I deserved to rest. Not five minutes after entering, my father entered the door covered in dust, and I asked him “What’s up?”  At 61 years old he explained he had been up since 4 a.m., worked tirelessly at the hospital as an anesthesiologist for 8 hours, afterwards had attended two-plus meetings for a side job, and then finished the day with 6 hours of hard work remodeling a home, finally to return home at 10:30.

Why are you running? This story above is the reason I am choosing to run for Leadership Vice President. I believe we all should be leaders and work hard, just like my father, in all facets of life for our future spouse and kids, our friends, our school, our community and the list continues.

How are you qualified? Being heavily involved in a broad range of campus organizations such as Marketing Director for WSUSA, Mentor and Director of the Emerging Leaders program, member of the Environmental Ambassadors and Vice President of the LDS Institute Student Council over the past 3 years has pushed me and taught me what I feel is necessary to truly make an impact in this position next year.

What will you do? The purpose of this position is to lead a team who hopes to promote campus involvement and develop leadership attributes. I am committed to using my pre-existing relationships on campus and broad leadership experience to inspire our team to contact and inspire the far-reaching organizations and institutes on campus to do just that. Our goal will be to aid the student body, one student at a time, to embrace the quote, “Demand of yourself improvement.”

I look forward to the opportunity to lead and work with a great team and great student body next year as Leadership Vice President.


Natalie Barcelo – Davis Campus VP

My name is Natalie Barcelo, and I am running for Davis Campus and Satellite Centers Vice President! I’m excited to have the opportunity to represent the student body.

I have loved being the Vice President this last year at the Davis Campus. I’ve grown as a leader, student and friend. I’ve also met so many new people, gained important insight to the Davis Campus and have enjoyed making the most of my scholastic experience. It is experiences like these that have encouraged me to contribute to the Weber State community.

I want to keep increasing student involvement and opportunities at the Davis Campus. We’ve had a great year by putting on a number of events that have catered to a wide variety of students. If I’m elected as the Davis VP, I will continue to plan those events that reflect not only the student body interests, but also the demographics.

It has been an honor to be in student involvement. I hope to gain more experience as a leader while also encouraging students to get more involved. Being a part of WSUSA has been an amazing experience for me and I want other students to also get that same opportunity.

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