(Courtesy of Good Company Theatre)
The cast of “The Appeal” is sure to leave audience members in stitches with their irreverent humor. (Courtesy of Good Company Theatre)

If you’re like me and the scores from your midterm tests have you a little disgruntled, spending a relaxing evening inside a dimly lit theater might be just what the doctor ordered to help ease away the pain of exams.

Good Company Theatre’s production of “The Appeal,” an irreverent story about four Victorian English poets, could be the perfect fix for any student suffering from the post- midterms blues.

Gleefully deemed historically inaccurate, “The Appeal” focuses on 19th century poets Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron and siblings William and Dorothy Wordsworth and the woes of being a painfully talented writer. The poets are played by Derek Gregerson, Enrique Garibay, Kevin Golub and Olivia Lusk, respectively.

“After all, it is difficult for a group with such astounding creativity to adequately express the depth of their individual intellects,” said Camille Washington in a press release from Good Company Theatre. “’The Appeal’ follows this quartet as they sulk, bicker, flirt, and recite nonsensical prose amidst the English Countryside and the Swiss Alps. They also attempt, with varying degrees of humor and desperation, to impress each other and to appease their own fragile egos. Results are mixed.”

Full of raunchy humor sprinkled with inappropriate language, “The Appeal” is sure to make any Wildcat roar with laughter. “The Appeal” is also another great way for students to support their fellow students, since Garibay and Lusk are both currently attending WSU.

“The Appeal” runs through March 22 at 8 p.m. with a matinee on March 22 at 4 p.m. Good Company Theatre is located in the upper floor of 260 Historic 25th St., Ogden. Tickets are $15 plus a service fee through www.goodcotheatre.com or $17 at the door.

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