(Photo Illustration by Autumn Mariano)
(Photo Illustration by Autumn Mariano)

Being alone is an opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate. It is also an opportunity to do things that aren’t really acceptable to do when other people are around.

You might find yourself acting a little different when you’ve got the apartment to yourself for the day. Here a few things you might do when you’re alone, but probably won’t admit to.

1) Personal concerts – Ah yes, there’s nothing more tempting than putting on a “concert” when you’re the only one home. You can crank up the tunes, dress up (or down) and be the star for a change.

If you’re really into it you might even pick up a hairbrush to belt those lyrics into. This is usually done in front of a mirror and includes some form of dance.

There is no one to judge you or tell you to be quiet. It’s just you, your music and, if you have pets, an audience.

2) Smell check – Smelling bad is pretty embarrassing and a surefire way to make people want to avoid you. So unless this is your goal, you probably try to make sure you’re smelling nice when you leave the house.

A casual smell check of your armpits or breath isn’t something you really want to do when others are around, especially if it turns out you aren’t smelling your best. This is best done alone so that you can remedy the smell, if there is one, without embarrassment.

3) Accents –  Being alone is the perfect time to practice your accents. You may feel like narrating your day in a British accent or belting out your favorite song in a twangy, Southern drawl.

Thankfully being alone when you do this means that no one can call you out on your bad accents. Feel free to throw in as many “ya’lls” and “yee-haws” as you feel necessary, free of judgement.

4) Forget manners – There’s usually a big difference between eating at home and eating in public. In a public place you want to appear proper and avoid offending, or grossing out anyone who might be eating near you.

At home, especially alone, the rules can get thrown to the wayside. Sure it would probably make sense to warm that pizza up on a plate but it is definitely easier to eat it cold and right out of the box.

Hopefully you don’t go too overboard with your bad manners, but it’s definitely normal to eat a little less proper when in the comfort of your own home.

5) No pants – Unless you’ve reached an extreme level of comfort with your roommates, you probably can’t walk around without pants on. You relish the times when no one is home so that you can walk around unrestricted by jeans, slacks or even sweats.

Hopefully you keep an eye on the time when running around half-dressed, so that embarrassing moments involving your roommate walking in on you in your underwear can be avoided.

6) Arguing with the TV – When it’s just you and your favorite show you might find yourself yelling at the characters. Whether it’s the over-dramatic kids on “Glee” or the doctors on “Grey’s Anatomy,” there are going to be at least a few characters who need your advice.

Whatever show it might be, when you’re alone you feel free to yell, argue and talk back to them. As long as none of your neighbors hear your antics, you should be able to avoid any awkward conversations about why you were shouting profanities in your apartment at 3 a.m.

So lock the door, close the curtains and feel free to be yourself. At least until 5 p.m. when your roommate gets off work. Then it might be time to dust the crumbs off your face and put on some sweats.

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