Andrea Salcedo
Andrea Salcedo

Hello there! For the past two years I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with WSUSA Student Senate, as the Hispanic Senator. In this position, I learned to effectively voice the concerns, opinions, and needs of my fellow students. Throughout my challenging years as a student, I have come to understand the value and importance of students being represented and heard. One of my biggest challenges has been selecting a major but after falling in love with psychology this year, I’ve declared it as my major. I would like to support and represent the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences in the year of 2015-16.

If elected, I plan to build and establish solid relationships with students, organizations, and departments within the college to be a powerful advocate and ensure that there is ample promotion and recognition throughout the university of events, projects, accomplishments, and publications of undergraduate research. As your senator and advocate, I will commit to the enrichment of the student experience by listening and addressing matters that will ultimately ease the path for students to meet their goals. I’m Andrea Salcedo and I would be honored to passionately serve as your senator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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