Maria Huerta
Maria Huerta

We are the College of Arts and Humanities! Let your voice be heard!

The job of a senator is to be the voice of the people they are representing, which is what I will ensure I do if I am elected as your next senator. This is my first year running for senate but my professional and academic experiences have provided me the leadership skills needed for this position

I am a first generation college student and I know the struggles that it may bring. Also, as a college student, I know the time, hard work and effort that is put into your education. Therefore, I want to help make college life a bit easier by being your voice as your senator.

Our college is diverse and unique and sometimes people don’t know what we are all about. For this reason I want to broadcast what we have to offer. I want to demonstrate that we are more than Communications, Foreign Language (French, Spanish, German, and Japanese), Latin American Studies, Asian Studies, English, Dance, Music, Theatre, or Visual Arts majors or minors. I know I can make a different but all I need is your support and your vote.


Thank you for your time!

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