Sammuel Hobbs
Sammuel Hobbs

In the 2014-2015 year I have served as the Traditional Students Senator for WSU. As elections are upon us for the 2015-2016 year, I seek to be commissioned in the legislative office as Senator of the College of Business & Economics. I am an engaged learner and accepted student in the Goddard School of Business & Economics. My selected undergraduate degrees are a BS in Supply Chain Management and a BA in Spanish with a Commercial Emphasis, on track to graduate the double major Fall 2016. I work as the Office Manager at the Treehouse Museum in Ogden, a non-profit organization created for children. Of the greatest qualities that would attribute to my ability to serve as a student leader and particularly the Business Senator are those of having an open mind, time management, communication, and passion.

One of the best decisions I have made attending WSU is to take a couple of business classes to ‘try it out’, which hooked me in and has a promising return as an investment. My experience within the Goddard School of Business & Economics has been nothing short of great and desirable. I feel like I have been able to connect with all my professors learning and exceling through their own individual approaches of teaching in the classroom setting. I not only want to reap the benefits of but desire to give something back to my business school and the students thereof.

In the capacity as Senator of the Goddard School of Business & Economics, I plan to lead with excellence and passion. I only like to make commitments if I’m going to fulfill them with dedication and zeal. On the agenda would be helping further students’ competencies and professionalism as they advance toward career opportunities. I believe that outside their own personal efforts towards learning, a large factor that contributes to these positive results are through networking opportunities and club involvement. My pursuit is to increase these activities within the business school and be ready and open to find new ways to help us all out in our career advancements.

Sammuel Hobbs

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