Tari Langham
Tari Langham

Let’s change this together! As part of the Non- Traditional Center I have heard many of the problems the school has like the making sure the students have the resources available that we already paid for through our student fees, the substandard math program, and parking issues. Weber State is home to some of the best people I have met, and it is full of positive attitudes where people are always willing to help one another. As a Non-Traditional Senator, I will recognize that we are in this together, so let’s change this together!

To tell you a little about myself, I am a divorced parent of three beautiful children. I enjoy camping, fishing, cooking, and billiards, but most of all I enjoy spending time with my kids. I am majoring in Information Systems Technology, and have been awarded the Golden Key for high honors at the Goddard School of Business and Economics. I am a dedicated and motivated individual I will not stop until I obtain my goals.

When I think about WSU I think about dreaming big! Helping students to obtain worthy and successful goals, and making real improvements in the world. I will help to bring back free printing, more obtaining more tutoring availability. I will have conferences with the HUB and math departments and compare them with other schools to find the best and/ or alternative ways to learn. I will demand changes for a better parking system, so that students can find parking and afford parking. With your vote, you can make a change, for the better, at Weber State and can help make this a school we can all be proud to attend.

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