Terrell Womack
Terrell Womack

My passion for Weber State began at a very young age, meeting my single mom, who was studying to get her master’s degree for dinner every night on our campus; it was always peanut butter and jelly.   I recall her telling me, Weber State is the university that accepts all, young and old, encourages an exceptional learning environment and prides itself in excellence. I just knew that when I grew up I had to be a WILD CAT and here I am!!! Terrell Womack, T if you will, to many, I may be the first face you see at our campus heath clinic or to some that funky girl with the fun hair and spunky personality that is on the track team. Now I could try and figure out several goals for improving the athletic department, after all, that is what someone running for Athletic Senator should do, however, being a student athlete I feel Weber State has the greatest athlete department EVER!!! What I would like to focus on, if I am chosen is, maintaining that amazing relationship with the athletic department and bridging the gap between athletes and our Amazing Student Body. By that last part I mean….I would love to be able to introduce all the different sports that we have at Weber State to our great student body, young and old. It would be fantastic to see new faces at track meets, golf tournaments’, women’s basketball and other sports that many of our student body did not even know that we had teams. Building excitement between student body and athletics, where high fives are exchanged on campus, smiles are recognized in the community and a there is an ownership of the athletic department by all students would be a tremendous feeling. If voted for Athletic Senator, I would love to instill that same passion in all students at Weber State that I felt as a little girl!!! Go Wildcats!!!

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