Uriel Flores-Monroy
Uriel Flores-Monroy

I am a dedicated candidate wanting to improve the communication between the ethnicities at Weber State University. Becoming the voice for Hispanic scholars is a role that will be a rewarding challenge and earning the respect and trust from my constituencies is a priority. Acknowledging student concerns and working towards fixing them to ease any scholar is a duty I am prepared to do.

From the beginning of my freshman year I have witnessed the difficulties of being a senator and I understand the responsibilities not just for being a senator, but the responsibility for the students too. A senator’s role is also creating events for the students to expand their social abilities, and challenging their leadership skills through unique positions.

I am aware that I am a young individual, but I strive for challenges and I will not forsake the students in aiding them in any difficulty they encounter. Creating an unforgettable experience is a goal I am aiming to complete because that is the experience I have received and want to continue to do so.

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