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St. Anne’s currently stores some of its canned goods and non-perishable items in a fenced-off area outdoors. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)

Once St. Anne’s shelter moves to its new location, it will return to being a kitchen and expand its services to offer breakfast, lunch and dinner to all residents of the shelter, and lunch will be provided to all community members who are in need of a hearty meal.

With the limited space at the current facility, the shelter serves breakfast, lunch and dinner only to the families who reside in the shelter. However, when the new Lantern House opens in May, Stacey Gallegos, St. Anne’s Center development manager, said St. Anne’s will offer three meals a day to everyone who resides at the shelter.

In 2014 the shelter served more than 71,000 meals, which will significantly increase when they begin offering three meals a day. Gallegos said they are excited for this new initiative and hopes that they receive the needed donations to provide consistency to all Ogden residents in need.

In downtown Ogden, where St. Anne’s is located, people are often in need, she said.

“Even though there are people living in houses around the area, they still come to eat and the entire kitchen is run strictly off of donations,” she said.

The soup kitchen will keep the name St. Anne’s, while the living quarters will take on the new name the Lantern House. A new state-of-the-art kitchen will help kitchen manager Michelle Perry.

“She’ll be in seventh heaven,” Gallegos said.

St. Anne’s new dining facility will also provide parents the opportunity to cook their own meals for their children in the two mini-kitchens located in the dining hall. Gallegos  hopes this will give them a sense of independence.

“We don’t just base this off what we think they need,” Gallegos said. “We ask those that are staying here what kind of things do they want, and mothers voiced their wish for the ability to cook a meal for their family.”

For those interested in donating to the shelter, their website, www.stannescenter.org/donate.html, offers a list of the needed canned goods and other supplies. Moving to the new facility will allow them to store more canned goods, which will help with its demand.

Note: This article was updated to correct that breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served to all residents of the shelter, and lunch will be provided for all community members. 


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